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Friday, August 22, 2008


My dear friends.

Have you finally reached that point?

As a reader of this blog you are well aware of my distain towards the corruption that has been allowed fester in the CNMI. I had said time and time again that, "it can't get any worse". Time and time again I have been proven wrong. It can get worse, has gotten worse and will still yet continue to worsen if something drastic doesn’t occur to put an end to it.

Over the last few years our administration and our legislature have done nothing to correct these problems. In fact, they have actually done a multitude of things to worsen our current situation.

People have started to voice their concerns. In the papers, on the internet, across the picnic tables, in homes and even now within the House of Representatives. All these voices have fallen on deaf and dumb ears.

Change cannot take place with these voices alone. Action is required. People are being hurt physically, emotionally and mentally by the actions of our government. Poverty is at an all time high. Basic social services are failing us. Money is being taken from us.

We are being robbed not at gun point by a masked stranger but out in the open by our Administration and our Legislature who use the guise of normal government operations as justification.

How are they robbing us?

They take your hard earned tax dollars, your fund contributions, your public land monies, your federal funds, the government fees collected and do the following:

  • They employ unqualified relatives either directly or through connections with constituents (i.e. Mayor's Office, Glenda Reyes, etc.)
  • They sign sole sourced contracts and transfer monies to companies without ever holding them accountable for receivables. Funneling millions of our dollars into businesses that have no intent on producing what is required in an effort to obtain kickbacks and political favors. (i.e. DCM, CISCO, etc)
  • The Representatives steal $3 million per year and use it any way they please without any accountability. (i.e. discretionary funds to buy tables, tents, car leases, cell phones, anything they wish to use it for --- that money was ours)
  • The Committees steal millions of dollars a year for committee operations yet they hardly ever meet. They use the money for travel, ghost employees, personal equipment, etc. (none of which is ever accounted for)
  • The Senate steals Millions a year in subsistence allowances
  • They pillage your retirement fund and public land fund.
  • The Legislature passes laws to funnel our money to pet projects with no plan or accountability in exchange for political favors and kick backs.
  • The administration steals millions and funnels it to cronies he keeps on staff as consultants. No receivables ever required or produced. (i.e. Willens, Jesus Camacho, etc)

I can go on and on but I think the point is not the actual instances anymore but more so the fact that we all know this is happening. That we all hear about these blatantly corrupt practices. That we all read about it in the news. That we all are fully aware it is taking place.

We have tried to reason with them. To hold forums and speak with one voice to our government servants. To write letters to the editor to voice our concerns. We have met personally with our legislators and the Governor. All in vain. They do not want to hear us. They will not change based on vocal requests. They have been so blatant as to say directly that they are the leaders and that what the public wants is of no concern to them. That they were voted into office to make the decisions and that our concerns are of no concern to them.

What are we going to do about it?

If it was a robbery in the middle of the night and you were stirred, what would you do? What if your family's safety was in jeopardy?

Some would rise and do what it takes to chase off the robber.

Some would strike him and take down.

It is time to rid our home of these robbers.

Why haven’t we?

You may personally know them. You may be related to them. You may have voted for them. You may work for them. You may feel there is no one better. You may feel that only time will rid us of them.

Stop! Stop making excuses for your complacency. Stop justifying their corruption. Stop allowing them to pillage your home and lay waste to your children’s futures. Stop the fear.

The time has come for us to stand up to it. To chase the robbers out of town. To strike if that becomes necessary.

Look at your life. Look at the lives of your family. Look at your young ones, your old one. What have their lives become? What has yours become?

It should not be this way. We don't have to accept it.

Do you feel we need:

  • A smaller government
  • An end to the rampant corruption
  • Accountability
  • Qualified department heads and staff
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • A solid and set plan for the future of the CNMI

If so, then you are not alone. Over the past months I have amassed a fairly large group of like minded individuals. In order to effectuate change we need more. We need you. Not your silent support. We need your presence.

If you are ready to come to aid of your brothers and sisters --- If you are ready to rid these islands of these pitiful government looters --- If you are willing to break this cycle of abuse --- If you are ready and willing to become part of CNMI History --- Then email me ( pragmaticplato@gmail.com ).

What will we do?

  • We will converse
  • We will exchange ideas
  • We will plan
  • We will act
  • We will all bring about change



Lil' Hammerhead said...
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Marianas Pride said...



Anonymous said...

I am in! Just sent you an email. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

i work for the goverment and i see everything we do in our office. it is wrong and we talk about it alot. what can we do?

i am on lunch break now. so don't get mad that i am reading your internet site.

i want to help but i don't know what we can do.

Pragmatic Plato said...

Keep the emails coming. I hear your frustrations and I feel your pain.

People are riled up and rightfully so. Let us chanel this energy. Let us create the government WE want and at bare least let us stop this current government from taking us further down into this hole.

At this moment no government during an interm process would be better than what we are getting now.

They are meeting againg today. I can only imagine what will be discussed... did i say discussed... I mean railroaded. We all know that they don't discuss anything.

I thank all of you for the quick response to the call. This is not MY call. This is OUR call. I am but a conduite in the process. I will be the magnet to which like ideas are drawn. We all have different beliefs and different issues and different solutions but one thing is constant and that is the fact that we are all unified in opposition to the actions of our current government.


Anonymous said...

Plato. The people of the CNMI is treading water and soon to go under. We have had it up to here X with the BS that this government has put on the people.

They rob from the poor to give to the rich. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The old timers are fake. The ones that have been out of office ran for office and came back in because they need the discretionary funds to survive. They have the luxury that the common people don't.

We don't need the many number of people up there and we most especially dont' need a bi-cameral legislature. Saipan is not fairly represented because Tinian and Rota get a fair share on a pie that is meant to be distributed as a result of the population. But NOOO, they have to take their fair share. FAIR? We continue to subsidized Rota and Tinian and they have equal representation.

I just wish that the founding fathers of the CNMI constitution weren't corrupt that's why corruption continues to exist.

If we take away the number of useless heads up there then we will be okay.

I guess i am just tired of the BS. My family has gone abroad because of the crap that has gone on around here.

But I blame the voters as well. We did this to ourselves by voting ingrates to office. So we have to educate and provide awareness to the voters not to vote in the same batch of bad rotten mangoes.

bradinthesand said...

just curious how you've amassed a group of people in the past month while frozen in carbonite?


Pragmatic Plato said...

My online persona was frozen while my unmasked self was still active.

I will be honest and say I went on a hiatus due to the overwhelming frustrations I had with what has been transpiring. I threw my hands up and said, "To hell with it! We will never change." I was ready to just let things continue to deteriorate and let the government looters continue their evil ways.

Over the last few months I have been stunned. Not by the games the government officials have been playing (that is nothing new and no longer shocking) but by the conversations I have been having with everyday citizens. Retirees who are fed up, Government employees who can't stomach what they see going on, Private business owners who can take no more, Neighbors, Friends, Strangers all who have been singing a similar tune. I have encountered but a small handful of individuals who even attempt to defend what is going on up there in our personal conversations and they too have begun to pull away.

The resurrection of this blog is a direct result of these encounters.

Perhaps I threw in the towel a bit early. Did I really try to stop the madness? No. I voiced opinions both here under a pseudonym and in public under my true identity. But that is all it was. Just words not real action. No true attempt to right this wrongs we continue to deal with on a daily basis.

The silent majority will now be heard and will finally take action.


bradinthesand said...

and so you're back, from outer space...

go get 'em and fight for what's right. try not to get caught up in all of the b.s.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If you really want to make a change and be heard loud and clear,then, go take any of the politicians at Capital Hill HOSTAGE. A big media attention if you do the hostage taking. Or splatter paints and slogans on the walls of the administration building and the legislature building. There you go -- A big statement.

Anonymous said...

Hostage, of the politicians at Capital Hill?

Who would want to pay ramsom of any of those creeps?

No one. Oh, I forgot, they could use their discretionary funding for this purpose.
My bad.

Anonymous said...

The CNMI will get WORSE. Run for your lives! Basic medical services, power and social order will break down. Looting, disease will be widespread. The National Guard in Guam has already been alerted to a possible response to the CNMI disaster. Think I'm kidding, I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Tina Sablan is Lill Hammerhead. Shhhhh. Pass It Along.

Anonymous said...

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