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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bloggerland's Plato says Mr. Villagomez Needs to Reinvent Himself.

Perhaps Angelo should practice what he preaches and take some tips from this Variety Article in which he is quoted.

Take an objective look at what you have done/said over the past year and reevaluate what you can change to make yourself more desirable.

I can't post on Mr. Villagomez's blog due to my signature so I will respond to a comment he posted here:

"The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'm been reading up on some of the things the Unity marchers have been doing since Friday:

  • They are accusing Cinta Kaipat of sponsoring the Labor Bill so that she could get a job at Labor and take under the table bribes.
  • They are attacking KSPN for not providing enough coverage.
  • They are attacking Walt Goodridge and Christine Parke for not speaking publicly about the March (what do they have to do with the March?)
  • They attacked anyone who estimated that that under 10,000 people participated, including the middle road bloggers and me.
    The most telling thing from all this is something I read on Dengre's latest diary on Dailykos.
    Here is the link, scroll to the bottom:
    Here is the quote:
    “We rode the stories of these workers to victory in 2006”
    That tells me that this is about electing Mainland Democrats to office, not actually helping the situation.
    That is really sad. I really supported Dengre when I first started reading his stuff, but it has become apparent that his agenda is getting rid of Republicans (not necessarily a bad thing), not helping the people of the Marianas."

Mr. Villagomez,

No one is accusing your friend Cinta of anything. Many are trying their best to guess what reasons she may have had to push with all her might against so much opposition to get this labor law passed.

No one is attacking KSPN news. We are simply stating an obvious. They covered the march on Friday and said to tune in on Monday for more coverage. This didn't happen and no mention was given to any delays. Why does it upset you? If you were told to tune in to a show for coverage of an event and you did and nothing was covered wouldn't you also be peeved or at least curious as to why it wasn't covered? Watch the online version of Friday's news since you obviously didn't.

I did not "attack" Chris or Walt. I made a comment about how strange it would be to have a seminar for Guest Workers (that was what he wrote) that covers "Answering Tricky Interview Questions" when technically in 2 weeks they wont be able to apply for a job in the CNMI at all due to the no-transfers provision in our new Labor Law.

The amount of people at the march has been a topic of discussion since the march and it has been debated on the blogs and in person. If you feel attacked because your estimate is different than mine or his does it matter?

As far as the March's intent to be getting Mainland Republican's into office...
Pass the joint my way. Are you that upset that you were not a part of the march that you will now do everything in your power to try and denigrate it? If Republican’s get elected into office in the Mainland because of the March in the CNMI, I assure you it will be a by-product of the march not the intent.

As far as Dengre is concerned… What the hell does he have to do with the Unity March held on Friday?

It truly is time for you Angelo Villagomez to Reinvent yourself.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh! In that case go ahead. I'll bend over.


How stupid does this sitting Governor think the public is. He is now saying that a compromise can be reached. The point isn't what types of gambling tables are available at the La Fiesta, heck at this point it really isn't even about gambling in general (haven't we been down this road before? Is that Bruce in the rear view mirror?).

This is about the principle of the matter. We are the public. We deserve more than this shit. We all went to the polls in November and decided that for one reason or another did not want to pass the gambling initiative that was put on the ballot. I don't know why the public said "no". Neither does anyone else.

Wake up you sleeping self made giants on the hill! Call a damn public hearing. Talk to the people that you are supposed to be REPRESENTING (hence the title REPRESENTATIVE).

Perhaps the public will embrace this new bill. Perhaps they will even ask for a wider range of gaming tables. Perhaps they will ask to just kill poker in general. Perhaps they will ask to move all the poker and any other gaming device under the sum up to the Fiesta.

The point is you don't f$#!@!@ know. Stop with the shit headed games. Stop treating the public like a bunch of idiots.

We are not as naive as you folks on the hill are.

[Reference is to this article: http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=75103&cat=1 ]

So Lost.

From Walt Goodrige’s Column:

“EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll be giving a workshop to one fragment of the population-Filipino contract workers (however, all are invited)-on Sunday, Dec. 16, 1pm at the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe. The seminar will have four speakers who will discuss different topics: "How to win friends and be a likeable person" by Anthony Pellegrino, "How to overcome fear of public speaking” by Bob Coldeen, "How to answer tricky job interview questions" by Christine Parke and "How to manage your time and be productive" by Walt Goodridge. DJ Dr. Love will act as moderator of the four-hour learning session. $5. E-mail pinoyseminar_saipan@yahoo.com to register or contact any CNMI-Power member.”

Am I the only one that is totally thrown a back by this?

Do he and Christine know something I don’t know? Why would you hold a seminar for a segment of the population that won’t even be allowed to answer a single interview question after January 1st?

Neither of them have said a peep publicly about the march.

Friday, December 7, 2007



So it begins.


Brad: More people showed up to the March than Martin garnered at the concert.


Bruce: No violence.

Everyone else in the CNMI: Thank you!


I will write later about the many things that occurred today.

Thank you to the many that donned the Boycott Porky's T's. I opted not to wear one today but loved those that did.

Some Positive News.

Yes it has been one of those weeks.

I read in the papers today about the comments to our Governor from Sen. Bingaman. For the past few months I have been resigning myself to the fact that the Senate Bill may not have any more forward moment and that it all may have all switched over to the US House Bill (with the provision removed and added Visa Exemptions for Guam foreign workers and tourist).

The Senate Bill is intact and judging from the letter to our Gov. Fitial from Sen. Bingaman it appears it is still alive and kicking. It appears that our Governor sent a letter over to the Senate and House once again slamming them and shooting off his mouth with accusation about how the Feds don't know what is going on in the CNMI and that they need to wait for the GAO reports before acting on this legislation.

Well this letter form Fitial stirred the pot. Thankfully.

The actual Bingaman - Fitial Letter (it is a great read. click here). Until then here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Your second concern that action on the bill should be deferred until after GAO completes its ongoing report on the CNMI, reflects a misunderstanding of the reasons the report was requested. GAO's assistance was sought to provide Federal agencies with the information needed to implement S. 1634, not to assist the Committee in determining whether to act on the bill."

Damn. :-)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gaming Bill

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GAMING BILL [it has passed the house]

Great Idea!

So I heard that all PSS teachers and employees are REQUIRED to attend tomorrow's First Lady's Vision Christmas Parade which starts at 4pm and goes from the American Memorial Park to Quartermaster.

So I got to thinking again... and you know what happens when I do that. I got a bright idea. How bout if all those in the parade hop on over and join the March as the two intersect at Quartermaster?

The Parade ends at Quartermaster and the March Begins at Kilili Beach. Once the March reaches Quartermaster the Parade should be getting there too.

This will be awesome.

Hope to see everyone there.

March Info From Tina Sablan

What: Unity March
When: Friday, December 7 -- assembly starts at 4:30pm
Where: Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park
Why: To protest PL 15-108, the new local labor law; to express support for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI; and to call on U.S. Congress to retain the provision that would grant improved status to long-term alien residents in the bill to federalize immigration
Who: All members of the community are invited to join this march

All members of the community, of all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and occupations, are called to join in the historic and peaceful Unity March on Friday, December 7, beginning with an assembly at 4:30pm at Kilili Beach, and ending at American Memorial Park. Unity March demonstrators will call for just and rational local labor laws, for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI, and for improved immigration status for long-term alien residents.

Traffic Advisory
Motorists are advised to exercise caution when driving on Beach Road between Kilili Beach and American Memorial Park from 4:30pm and 9pm, as there are expected to be hundreds of demonstrators, including children, walking along the street and pathway up to Quartermaster Road. Before 7pm, the Department of Public Safety will be closing the northbound lane of Beach Road just after Quartermaster Road, and Unity Marchers will move into the streets up to American Memorial Park.

Transportation will be provided to and from the march for those who need it. Pick-ups will be at San Antonio basketball court and Garapan basketball court, beginning at 4pm.

People who are unable to march the entire length of the street from Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park are encouraged to ride in the Unity March convoy, or to simply head straight to the American Memorial Park to meet with other demonstrators and participate in the closing ceremony.

Local Musicians to Perform
Local musicians Steve Sablan and Floyd Lim from the Big Beats have volunteered to perform throughout the march to keep up the spirits of the demonstrators. Other musicians have also been invited to perform.

In the Evening, Rain or Shine
All participants are asked to bring water and flashlights. Umbrellas are also advised. The Unity March will take place rain or shine.

Placards and Banners
Placards and banners have been prepared for the march. Participants are also invited to bring their own placards and banners indicating the message(s) they wish to convey, the organizations they are representing, etc. Organizers only ask that all signs promote the spirit of unity and peaceful expression.

Expected Participants
Bangladeshi Community,
Bicol Association,
Business owners,
Chinese Community,
Federal and local government officials,
Foreign national workers,
Human Dignity Movement,
Japanese Community,
Korean Association,
Local attorneys,
Micronesians and other Pacific Islanders,
Off-island supporters,
Permanent residents,
Social workers and advocates,
Thai Association,
United Filipino Organization,
U.S. citizens,
Various professional associations,
Various religious groups, and
Many other individuals and organizations of diverse backgrounds, all unified by a desire to improve the immigration and labor system for the fair protection and long-term benefit of all workers and businesses in the CNMI.

To Contribute
Businesses or individuals interested in making in-kind donations of water, trash bags, banners, placards, paint supplies, and other materials may contact Ed Propst at 483-7361.

To Volunteer
Individuals interested in volunteering to assist at the aid stations, to pass out water, ribbons, etc., or to assist with ensuring traffic safety, particularly trained individuals such as security guards, JROTC/ROTC officers, and the Boy Scouts may contact Conrad Ocampo at 286-8625. The Red Cross will be providing logistical support for aid stations.

Individuals interested in volunteering to drive participants to and from the Unity March may contact Wendell at 483-9494.

For More Information
Please contact Ed Propst at 483-7361; Tina Sablan at 483-3935; Boni Sagana at 484-0507; or Stephen Woodruff at 235-3872.


Thanks very much!

Tina Sablan

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Non-Controversial Post

Can we all agree that Angelo Villagomez is a deplorable, self-centered, self-absorbed, egotistical, hate mongering, ignorant, insecure, piece of crap with very limited brain power and little to no social skills and that the community should pity him rather than hate him?

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger

So I have been thinking... yes I know that is pretty unheard of. I have been reading the recent postings on Middle Road, Brad's, Bruce's and Angelo's Blogs and what I have been reading is beyond disturbing. I would have thought that Bruce couldn't stoop any lower than his feeble attempt at assisting in the passage of the SCA but I was wrong. He has recently posted this statement on his blog which is taken out of context and at this point I can care less:

"Maybe if they are lucky, protest march organizers will get a small act of violence to splash on front pages. "

He has also made other comments on other blogs basically down the same line of hoping that a violent event occurs during this peaceful march.

I do hope that he is the recipient of any violence that ever occurs in the CNMI.

Brad has also made some comments and blog posts about the upcoming march and his may have been influenced by Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger [Angelo] and Bruce. He has made some comments about one of the people participating in the march and even posted a poll that pits him against Martin as an indicator of support for the march.

Bruce has also said that the march is a futile attempt that won't generate any results. I wonder how he of all people became an expert on diagnosing futile attempts at anything. Remember this is the same guy that championed the SCA. What a buffoon.

I believe that all of the hate based attacks on Boni are nothing more than an attempt by people to discredit this march. It is not working and from what I have seen is doing more to tarnish their own images rather than Boni's.

Some of the comments that have been written alluded to Boni collecting funds in exchange for greencards. Others have stated that he is unemployed and living off Dekada dues. The most recent one by Bruce states that Boni could not be well off unless he was stealing money in order to purchase a house in the Philippines and eat in the CNMI.

What makes this even more disturbing is that their comments have been challenged and most have been proven unwarranted and misleading. Dekada has not charged a fee to it's members for the past 3 years. No one listed above has spoken to Boni personally and have no idea other than their self made gossip about him.

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger, after being given proper information regarding all of this, has recently chosen to post yet another disgusting blog. This time disgracing the March itself.

Feel free to read his blog post dated today. Here is my comment response to him (in case he decides to censor it):

"You are the one that has painted yourself into a corner. You are rambling
on about something that you obviously know little or nothing about.

This is not a march of Filipinos vs Locals. You saying that is what will
plant that disgusting seed in people's minds. You have serious issues. You are
bitter about your current place in the CNMI and you are trying to wreak havoc on
a great movement.

As it stands now there are a multitude of ethnicities included in
this march. You wouldn't know because you have sat in your hovel and created
your own version of reality. There are various Japanese, Korean, Thai,
Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Chamorro, Palauan, Carolinian, etc. groups,
business owners, employees all locking arms in support of this march.

This is not a race based issue and it does take into consideration both
local and non-residents. The main focal point of the march is the recently
enacted Local Labor Law. This law affects everyone (all damn ethnicities). You
should read it before you start spewing your nonsense. The findings in that law alone are enough to make anyone’s stomach turn.

Boycott Porky’s!


PS: If your recent posts are nothing more than an attempt to garner
comments in your little online competition world than I regret that I have added
to your blog."

I do hope that the majority of the public that peruse these blogs is intelligent enough to see through their crap. I will be at the march on Friday and I encourage all of the people in the CNMI to be there with me.

Remember there were times in our country when women had limited rights, people were enslaved due to the color of their skin, people were attacked based on their sexual preference. Things can change.

"You must be the change you
wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Ghandi

Come Walk With Me

The March.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If the Shoe Fits... Let 'em Wear It..

So good ol' McGinnis (Stanley) was at it in the paper again today. Once again trying to justify his waste of taxpayer dollars passing a resolution to chastise Ron H. for his satirical letter to the editor. The one thing that stood out of this pile o' crap was the fact that he inferred that this statement was aimed directly at him:

"until our feeble-minded, crooked, shameless, public representatives see the futility of enslaving half of our adult population and get down on their knees (something they do have some expertise in) and surrender on the subject of slavery in the commonwealth."

Well, if he inferred that he was one of these "feeble-minded, crooked, shameless, public representatives " then I guess he outted himself in defense against this statement.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Optimistic... or Insane? HOTD

"Fitial: Full recovery ahead"

A Nursing School set up shop to train nurses. This "college" is set up in a former hotel and nurses will be able to get certified in 11 months.

While I think it is good that a business is opening I think it is a long shot to use this as an indicator that our CNMI economy is now on the upswing.

I would love to see any forecast as to the amount of money that will come to the CNMI gov't from this project. I am assuming they have a QC of some type that will minimize or eliminate most taxes. I am also assuming that the building is on Public Land and that fees for that are at around the 1% of fair market value to DPL. I am assuming that the Nurses will be housed at the facility (no rental income for other community members). I am assuming that most nurses will come from abroad, get certified and then leave so no real income generated by a newly created working member of the community.

Think the fever may be messing with the governors long term vision.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Gift Ideas!!!


Stocking Stuffers? Kris Kringle? Wedding Gift?

World Society for the Animal Protection Rep on Island!

Talk about timing.

Maybe Bruce can invite her over to the Canton Cages for an up close and personal with his supplier.

There is a good story that may interest him on the WSPA site:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

For the Love of Goats!

First Mr Bateman posts a blog speaking of bestiality and now he is condoning animal cruelty.

I wouldn't be as upset if I hadn't seen his image on the PAWs website?! Hypocrisy at it's finest.

I wonder if he is trying to corral all of the kids and get them into his cages?


You may not want to do that Bruce: http://imkierkegaard.blogspot.com/2006/02/update-foster-parents-who-caged.html

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Customer Photo!

Just got this emailed to me today from one of my first satisfied customers :-)

Send me photos of you with your "Boycott Porky's" items.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Headline of the Day & Quote of the Day

HTD: Fitial calls for Benedetto's head

QTD: “I confess to some personal bias here-Representative Kaipat is my niece. She deserved better. Mr. Benedetto deserves not to be reappointed,” Fitial said.

Commentary: Stop picking on my niece!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newpaper Quote of the Day!

As I peruse the various local papers I am struck daily with quotes that simply stun me. I must say that today's quote is also from a blog post.
QTD: "While I am sympathetic to their individual plight, and speak from the privileged perch of white male American, there is something unsavory about the desperate efforts of many Filipinos to flee their own country." [emphasis added]

From Mr. Turbitt's Blog/Column

One thing that added to my frustrations was the comments that people left on this blog post. One said that Jeff had hit the mark regarding aliens. Another said that they agreed with his concise analysis. Another mentioned it was a nice piece.

Nice piece?

Hit the mark?

In regards to the "unsavory" efforts of the "Filipinos" to "flee" their country statement Mr. Turbitt made, I have a few thoughts and questions.

What of those aboard the Mayflower? This too was “unsavory” in Mr. Turbitt's book? How odd that we celebrate their one-way departure and their landing in America with a nice savory cooked turkey in just a few days.

What too of the inscription on that lady's statue off New York? “Unsavory” as well?

What too of Mr. Turbitt that is here in Saipan? “Unsavory” for he has left his “home”?

There is nothing unsavory in my book about individuals relocating. Whether or not they have intentions of returning from where they came from and regardless of their individual reasons for leaving (be it due to lack of jobs, lack of food supply, disease, persecution, etc.).

The indigenous people of these islands many years back made a trip from a distant point and landed here in Saipan. They made this their home. Many did not return. Every day others from all across the world land on Saipan and set in their roots. They too make this their home.

Not every individual is nationalistic. It is not a duty of an individual to be such. To each his own.

I do not think you hit the mark in regards to aliens.

I was very disheartened by your remarks.

I guess what maybe savory in your book would be a group of "Filipinos" boarding a vessel and coming to Saipan. Then upon landing overthrowing the government and raising a new flag. Or perhaps had the Pilgrims decided to work for the Native Americans rather than taking their land would have been "unsavory".

I will not even touch on the "privileged perch of white male American" statement Mr. Turbitt made as it just screams "WTF".

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

"The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus. inscribed on the Statue of Liberty

Boycott Porky's!


Not Enough Time in the Day to Bitch!

I am swapped with things I would like to look into. I am looking over the newly enacted Labor Law of 2007. This is an eyeful.

I am also trying to figure out the regulations and laws pertaining to the absentee voting process in the CNMI. I have found so many discrepancies in the laws it is mind boggling that they had passed originally. Here is an example:

1 CMC § 6213(a) is amended to read as follows:
“(a) To be counted, an absentee ballot shall be postmarked not later than 10 days from the date of election and be received by the Commission not later than seven days after 12:00 noon on the date of election. If the Commission is using a post office box for the receipt of absentee ballots, it shall remove all absentee ballots contained in the box on and no later than fourteen days after 12:00 noon on the election date and such ballots shall be deemed to have been received within the deadline.

(1) Commencing with the date absentee ballots are first sent out until seven days after the 12:00 noon on the date of election, no less than two persons shall go to the post office, one of whom shall be designated by the Commission chairperson and the other of whom shall be designated by the Executive Director, to collect absentee ballots.

(2) The reply envelopes shall not be opened but shall be marked as provided in subsection (b) and deposited in a locked ballot box until processed by the Commission pursuant to subsections (c) through (h) seven days after the election.”

c. 1 CMC § 6213(h) is amended to read as follows:
“(h) The returned envelopes marked 'OK', together with the application attached, shall be delivered by the Commission to the accounting and tabulation committee seven days after on the day of the election, to be tabulated by the accounting and tabulation committee.”

There are so many things that scream "WTF" in this one section of the amended code.

I also wanted to look into who qualifies to receive and submit an absentee vote. How are the absentee ballots cross-checked to determine that the voter did not physically vote at a polling location on the day of the election and then also submit an absentee ballot (what precautionary measures are in place?). I have first hand accounts of voters who went to the polling places on Saturday and their names were not manually crossed off the computer print out listing. I fear that the names of absentee voters also appeared on these lists. What would stop someone from voting physically and then also mailing in an absentee ballot. A simple check would be to ensure that every individual that entered the polls on Saturday had their name crossed out on the computer generated listing (and initialed by the voter. As I did). Then when you receive the 1000 or so absentee ballots simply cross check the print out and determine if the person already voted on Saturday at a physical location. Not rocket science, however if the names were not being crossed of then it throws a major wrench into any cross checking procedure.

I am also still trying my best to stay on top of the Federal Senate and House Bills regarding CNMI immigration.

So much to do and so little time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It seems Ron may have shook the hive with his letter to the editor. I have heard people say that the FBI needs to intercede and that Ron's advocating graffiti is awful.

I understand Ron's frustrations. The only question I have is why a movement for this one cause? Why not a movement that address the real problem? Our Government.

Now I will be clear (I know the Federal Prisons are Club Meds but I still don't feel like going to one anytime soon. Maybe after I turn 60). I am not advocating a Coup. I am questioning why Ron wouldn't have.

Why not call the citizens to take the government? Why not call for a Coup d'état?

How many people would be willing to support it? Would non-resident workers aid in a Coup? Is the public at that point yet? If not, at what point do we break?

I will write more on this in my next post. I am going to research a bit more on what I can say on the blogosphere and still be covered under the basic right to freedom of speech :-)

Boycott Porky's!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just In Time For X-mas! *** UPDATED***

Many have asked for it and who would I be to deny them.

Click here for: The Official "Boycott Porky's" Merchandise!

What better way to show your support than a customized "Boycott Porky's" Hat or T-shirt or Button or...

UPDATE (11/10/07) : WOW! I have sold 3 T-Shirts and 1 G-string to 2 satisfied customers. Let me know what other items you guys might want. I will have yard sign Billboards available by Monday. Feel free to pick up a few and just swap out any of those "YES on Casino" Signs that may still be lingering around out there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Censored again. For the love of Goats.

Well add another to the sites that have censored my comments.

It appears that Mr. Bateman is hurting something terrible right now. His bar had a pathetic showing on Halloween and this last weekend was the slowest since he took the reins on the place. Top that off with the fact that his hopes for a lucrative consultant job with NMDIC just feel through his hands after the vote tally and you will understand the mental situation he is presently in.

Nothing displays his condition more than this post here:

I was wondering why a guy that hides himself behind an alias would be so obsessed, yes I think that word conveys the correct and specific malady, about a political initiative. There is only one plausible reason I can come up with and that is deceit via cover up. When his true identity is known, it will become plainly and absolutely obvious why you see all the running around in circles, pulling the hair out screaming 'propaganda' at the top of his lungs (okay fingertips) that Pee Pee boy aka Phlegmatic Playdough aka 13 different anonymous posters with the same classless writing style exhibits. You will then see what his true motivations are and what his true affiliations were and are. Thus his burning desire to keep his identity secret at all costs. Thus his obsession with the Saipan Casino Act. So I got down to doing a little cross checking and found, not his true identity yet, but his family tree so it is narrowed down considerably now. I have heard from a respected source that Pee Pee's Mom is a sodomite and does it with goats. Yes, goats. We're not talking merino sheep here we’re talking Billy Goat Gruff, cloven hoofed, smelly, shaggy goats. Not satyrs (as the family historian likes to pretend). The woman actually fornicates with ahem, should I say it again (?) goats, according to this reliable source. Here, go to his own site and check it out RIGHT HERE

I just read his column in the paper today. Rather than writing all that nonsense and the above post he could have simply come out and said "I am sorry. I was stupidly lured into the whole SCA thing for personal gain without regard for the public as a whole."

I did respond to the post from Bateman above only to wake in the morning and discover he has censored me. It is his blog and that is his prerogative. I will however attempt to paraphrase my response here:

Do you know why Plato is much cooler than Bruce? It's because of the goats. Ancient Greeks were all about goats. If it wasn't for goats, there wouldn't have even been any Greek gods. Zeus, the king of the gods, was actually taken care of when he was a baby by the goat Amaltheia when he was hiding from his old man Cronus in Crete. Zeus liked her so much he put her in the stars as Capricorn. He even borrowed one of her horns which became the cornucopia, the horn of plenty. We taught him everything he knew and then he taught the rest of them. This is the main reason why Greek gods are more fun and cooler to hang out with than any others. They're also less self righteous and bloodthirsty. Did you ever see a bloodthirsty or self righteous goat? The Greek god Pan? Part goat, baby! And did you know that the word tragedy comes from the Greek words for "goat song?" Greek drama grew out of the festival of Dionysus, god of wine, who had a thing for goats. His buddies were satyrs which were part...guess what? Goat.Greeks love goat meat. We use goat skin to hold our wine. I can go on and on.

It is a pity that Bruce has been so damaged by this ordeal.

It is when things are at their worst that the true character of a person is revealed.

Henceforth I will post all censored comments from the Pork Site here.

Boycott Porky's!


For those just tuning in...

If you haven't noticed yet, there are a couple new images on the right side of this blog. Thank you Lil' Hammerhead for the "official supporter" image.

If anyone wonders how it got to this point, feel free to peruse this links (pay careful attention to the comment section --- mine specifically --- you will notice I was being far from rude):

Here is my first post regarding SCA and Mr. Turbitt's and Bruce's columns - this was dates Sept 16th (I was banned and censored for shedding light on how some people may misconstrue these columns. Jeff banned me from his site and changed his tune. Bruce has since called my mom a goat f&cker and began censoring my comments as well):


And these are from Bruce's Site:







And this blog post is the one that "made it easy" for me to say yes to the boycott:


And a few more (at this point I had had enough):



And this was his latest installment (he deleted my comment :-)):


Much Love Bruce!

Boycott Porky's!

The Pig Act is Dead.

Long Live the Goat!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Duty Done

I have submitted my vote.

Best of luck Bruce! I hope you get what you deserve. Thanks for all of your hardwork!

Boycott Porky's!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Commonwealth Employment Act of 2007.

I know you all have been waiting for it so here it is. Click here to download the Commonwealth Employment Act of 2007. It has been getting much press since it first came out.

It will take me some time to go over everything but I am determined to do so. Until then I will refrain from commenting on the analysis that has been given from both sides.

I do hope that the Legislature gives the public a chance to review this bill and holds a public hearing to get some feedback from the people they are representing and stop with the political games.

Saipan Casino Act for Dummies

Today's Marianas Variety has a very thorough analysis of the Saipan Casino Act. Just another addtion to the many well thought out pieces that have been written over the last few weeks.

I encourage everyone to read the Act and all of the breakdowns that have been published in papers and in comments and blogs.

Here is a link to today's.

Tina sure doesn't keep her letters under any type of number of words cap.

Boycott Porky's!


Update: It is much easy to read it on her blog www.tinasablan.com/forum

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big Props to Tommy!

Tommy Remengesua Jr. Recognized by Time Magazine as and Environmental Hero

More Lies & Disception From the Pro-SCA Folks

So they went from this : http://www.tinasablan.com/forum/?p=21

to this:

So I guess they have been backed so far into a corner that they have nothing left to do then pretend to be me.

If you happen to see a comment posted anywhere in the blogsphere that doesn't Jive with what I have been saying on my blog then simply click on the name link "pragmatic plato". If it doesn't link back to this site then it is a proponent of the SCA masquerading as me. Fitting it is Halloween after all.

It is easy to tell the fake Plato he is posting the same idiotic BS that Bruce has been spewing.

Happy Halloween All!

Boycott Porky's!


Best Blog Comment of the Day!


Pete on 31 October, 2007 at 8:42 am Comment ID #419

"I’ve been tempted to vote “Yes” on the Casino Initiative solely because I abhor the pontificating of Ambrose (I love me; I think I’m grand. When I go to the movies, I hold my hand) Bennett.And while I think that La Fiesta would be an ideal spot for two upscale casinos - one at La Fiesta 1 and 1 at La Fiesta 3, with restaurants and other non gaming activities in the middle- this current initiative is so full of holes it’s making my swiss cheese jealous.So I’ll be voting “NO” to this initiative and “YES” for Tina Sablan on November 3."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Call for a Boycott of Porky's!

BOYCOTT PORKY'S! The only thing right about this place is the name. None more fitting could describe the peice of shit bruce bateman is.




Glen, Lil, Jeff, et al ... that have said that I was being harsh, yes I am!

This is infuriating.

FROM THE PORK'S MOUTH: When it comes time to mark your ballot inside that closed voting booth, you must vote for those persons and initiatives that have the best chance to improve your lot in life and that of your family and country. “No” doesn't improve anything. “No” is just a blind cry against change. I will vote “Yes” for the Saipan Casino Act because I think it is in my family's best self-interest to have a better economy. I believe it is in your families' best self-interest to do so as well so I ask you to please vote “Yes” this coming Saturday.

And not one attempt to address even one concern or question.


I will boycott you on priciple and I will encourage other to as well.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Yes, I passed that terrible bill. Why? Well, why not?"

“I really didn't have too much time to review the bill and submit my comments because I was told that it would be calendared one day before. It was a crammed review. .I'm sure if I had more time I would've come up with more but there were pressure-internal and external pressure-to try and get that bill out,” he said.

Are you kidding me? Should this be a satisfactory explanation for pumping out crap legislation. If more time is needed then demand more time. What the hell is going on up there.

“I don't feel very comfortable with the bill. But with my amendments, I feel a lot better. I'm still not satisfied that it's the product that we need to put out, simply because there are so many contradictions on the bill, so many flaws, so many things that I do not subscribe to,” he said.

But he will give it the thumbs up and send it to the House and hope that they review and ask to sit down and discuss it. If they decide to just go with it and pass it then to the Gov's office it goes. We will never learn.

Read the whole story here: AND WE PUT THESE PEOPLE UP THERE?!

Best Headline of the Day

"Atalig stabbed Senate in the back"

So sad it is almost humorous. So let me see if I get this straight.

  1. Reyes dealt with Atalig when drafting legislation to extend but limit the number of non-resident contract workers that CUC can hire. It appears that he dealt with him under the pretext that Atalig's company would do the manpower logistics.
  2. Atalig did not agree with Reyes and the Senate lowering the number of non-res that CUC could hire.
  3. Reyes and Atalig spoke about the issue and they arrived at an understanding that 8 non-res would be allowed under the Senate legislation.
  4. Atalig decided to try his luck with the House and wrote a letter to the House requesting that they amend the Bill when it arrives on the floor.
  5. Reyes found out about Atalig going to the House and cried foul. How dare Atalig approach the House in an attempt to get his way?
  6. Reyes now irate adds a provision into the Senate bill to exclude any manpower agency with pending claims against them (Remember this excludes any company with claims against them. Not convictions). Obviously Reyes does not believe in the innocent until proven guilty philosophy.

So what is it the makes me so upset? The fact that Reyes was so tight with Atalig when drafting up legislation that should have been focused more on the plight of CUC and their needs? The fact that Atalig's company it appears was already given the manpower contract as implied by this statement from Reyes (where is the opening bidding process):

“I talked to him before we went to Rota and also talked to him on Rota informing him that we already consented to authorize not 20 of his employees, as we we're going to limit it to just eight, and he agreed. He wanted nine but I told him 'no.' He said to add one more, but I told him 'no!' The limit is eight and he consent[ed] to it,” said Reyes.

The fact that they would act so petty and with such a direct personal attack (on one company) when drafting up our public laws? The fact that he openly admitted all of this to the Tribune reporters?


Learn Something New Everyday

It has been brought to my attention that I was not thorough enough on my initial readings of the SCA. I seemed to have overlooked a major caveat.

I have mentioned before that should this Act pass it could only be amended or repealed in the future by the same process that brought it into law (Local Initiative and a 2/3 favored vote within the third senatorial district).

Perhaps I was so steamed byt hte time I got to Article X of the Saipan Casino Act that my vision was blurred and my mind was overheated.


If this Saipan Casino Act becomes law (garnering the necessary 8,300 or so yes votes) it can only be amended by approval of NMD registered voters in the Third Senatorial District.

Article X, Section 8. General – Amendment. Any proposed amendment to the “Saipan Casino Act” shall be approved or disapproved by the NMD registered voters only in the Third Senatorial District through local initiative.

You hear that Bruce? That mean if you vote yes on this and then feel something should be amended you are Shit outta luck. You would not be allowed to vote on it.

Furthermore, at the moment the Election Office does not have a listing of registered NMD voters. This information is not gathered when an individual registers to vote, nor should it be. How on earth would we even be able to verify NMD of 12,500 registered voters? Genealogy studies of each and every individual? Just take their word on it and only check into one that people question? One of your grandparents would have to have been domiciled in the CNMI prior to 1950 and have been a TT citizen. Good luck with the paperwork on that.

I wonder how much it would cost to put that list together. I wonder how much it would cost to defend this clause in courts.

This Act gets better as each day goes by.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for Harry's Show on the various aspects of the provisions contained within the SCA.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Boycott? Is It a Form of Freedom of Speech?

I have been mulling over another thing in regards to the Saipan Casino Act. Specifically, Bruce Bateman's Pro stance on the issue and his weekly preachings in support of it without ever once addressing the many concerns with the Saipan Casino Act itself.

Rather than analysing the Act and putting out any concerns that have been raised (Public Land, Unregulated Monopoly, Initial Funding, Legal Problems with the Act itself, etc) he has opted to continue spewing the same old propaganda in support of the Act and continued attacking those with questions and concerns on a personal level.

So that being said, should I try and start a Boycott of his Bar?

I first heard this the other day from a friend. I was headed out to have a few drinks and places to hit were being thrown out. Porky's came up and a person I was with said, "Hell No! I am boycotting that place." I was thrown aback.

I am a staunch supporter of freedom of speech. Having grown up in Saipan it was very disturbing to me that people who spoke their minds would often times be penalized with some sort of ostracizing on a personal or business level. I quickly told the group I was with that this may not be the "right" thing to do. I told them just because Bruce has a different stance on a public issue then you do should not be cause to inflict financial harm on him via a boycott.

I argued my position well and they all resolved not to boycott the place but reiterated the fact that they were upset with his position on the SCA.

After thinking on the matter a bit more and after posting numerous comments on Bruce's blog regarding his stance on the SCA I have begun to wonder if I was right in not endorsing a Boycott of Porky's.

Perhaps it was the premise for the Boycott that was wrong and not the boycott itself. What I mean is, Why not Boycott Porky's, not for the fact that Bruce supports the SCA, but Boycott it until he allays the public concerns and questions regarding the many facets of the Act that appear to be extremely detrimental to Saipan.

I mean he is publicly supporting it in his weekly columns, at debates, in conversations, and so forth and yet he never tackles the heart of the matter.... the Saipan Casino Act itself. In doing so I believe he is directly threatening the well-being of myself and those living in Saipan. Would I ever offer dinner to a burglar that was looting my house?

This is a very interesting conundrum.

In my opinion Bruce had jumped the gun and blindly embraced Casinos in Saipan before ever reading the Act (Just as Mr. Turbitt had). I believe he came under attack from those opposed to the Saipan Casino Act and lashed out in defense. He may now have so embraced his stance in favor of it that there (in his mind) is no going back. If this is the case then he is putting the island at risk and jeopardizing all those living in Saipan by spewing his propaganda. Why should I in turn assist him financially while he continues to harm me financially (taking my tax dollars to pay for this commission, taking our land at $1/year, etc.) without ever feeling obligated to explain away the many concerns or at least let us see what he sees in regards to these concerns. The "let's take a gamble" argument is crap.

What do you think?

PP (on the fence.... to Boycott Porky's or not to.)

Do I hear a "YES"?

Lil Hammerhead pointed something out the other day that has been really getting to me. She said that it is so odd that as soon as a conversation regarding the Casino Act starts to focus on the provisions of the act itself all of the Proponents quickly tuck tail and run.... usually tossing a few choice personal stabs before ducking out.

Why is this?

This blog actually started out indirectly because of the Saipan Casino Act. I had posted a comment on Mr. Turbitt's blog after he ran his column praising Casinos. to make a long story short, he banned and censored my comments when i told him that the public may infer that he was in support of the Saipan Casino Act. I also asked him if he had even seen the Act before running the column in the local paper. His response was unprovoked personal attacks resulting in him censoring my comments and banning me from his blog. My only point I was trying to get through was that he may want to specify that he is in support of Gambling and not the SCA if that was the case. Turns out a month later he seems to be singing that tune now... go figure.

I still don't understand why he lashed out in such a manner. If he ever posts the deleted comments the public can read through them and see that he was overly defensive and was reacting like a cornered cat.

But let me get back to my initial point. It appears that no matter what blog I hop onto that is dealing with the subject of the Saipan Casino Act, the proponents keep pushing these false promises in support of the act. As soon as I post a concern or question directly related to the provisions contained within the Casino Act they shell up and all goes completely quiet.

Here are a few blog examples:

http://www.saipanwriter.blogspot.com/ (multiple instances on this blog)

Many other blog chains exist online and they all follow the same trend.

The only explanation I have is that those in support of the Act blindly embraced it without ever reading it. After coming under heat and trying their darnedest to argue their points they read the Act and found out that they were completely off-base in supporting it. Rather than come forward and just admit that they no longer support the Act itself they stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich. A few from time to time will shoot out nonsensical comments still preaching support but with no factual basis and still with no acknowledgement what-so-ever to the concerns and questions that have been raised.

Their is another possibility. Perhaps they did change their tune and decided to speak up and inform the public that they were no longer in support of the Saipan Casino Act. Perhaps that news go out to the NMDIC Mafia and they have bound and gaged them and thrown them into the back of a truck and driven them out to Marpi.

I guess what I am trying to get at is can anyone at all that is still in support of voting Yes on the Saipan Casino Act please step forward and address the numerous concerns that have been raised by myself and many others? Can any one of them address the damn Act itself?

I Love a Good Analogy

Just read a comment post that compared the citizens of our commonwealth to a bunch of individuals running in circles through the jungle blindfolded. I love to use analogies and this one is spot on:



Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Computer Minute - Tech Talk - II

Ok this one is more like a Computer Second.

Just found this kewl Google BlogSearch Engine:


I am having loads of fum searching blogs from all over the world. It is cross blogform (will search a variety of differnt blog sites (blogspot, wordpress, etc.) .


Monday, October 15, 2007

The Saipan Casino Act Conspiracy

So I have for a few weeks now been wondering what is going on in regards to this Saipan Casino Act and the heated debates we are seeing on both sides of the issue. I was not very surprised that when mentioning Gambling in the CNMI it will rouse up a good debate. What has surprised me the most is the way these debates have gone.

I have read the letters tot he editor, visited the PRO and CON web blogs, read comments and posts on various forums, personally spoken to people on both sides of the fence, etc. The thing that surprised me the most (and was the most alarming to me me) was that the PRO side almost never referenced or acknowledged any clause or provision actually contained within the SCA itself. Even more ludacris they would shun any debate dealing with exact provisions or the SCA initiative. They instead have been staunchly touting the SCA passage as a way for the CNMI to gain extreme wealth. They also speak loudly about how the passage of the SCA will kill the poker industry. They also speak of how this will save Govt Jobs and so on and so forth. Never once have I seen any of the proponents reference any clause within the Act that spells these benefits out.

How can people so blindly support something? I understand that their maybe a few people who will personally gain from the passage of this Act (7 Commissioners and Employees of NMDIC) but what of all the others?

Why would they purposely avoid looking at the SCA itself and instruct the voting populace to just blindly vote "yes" based on unproven, unfounded claims?

Why would they shun any question from a concerned voter that references any part of the SCA itself?

Why would they not want people to read and understand fully all of the provisions of the SCA?

I thought at first it was due to a strong influence by a few connected individuals who have already been given the head nod to have a Commissioners Seat ($4k/month and then readjust it themselves personally after 4 years) or perhaps one of the people who are connected personally to the relatively unknown NMDIC (Who is NMDIC? Does it exist?). I thought that perhaps their lobbying efforts were garnering so much public support and blind faith. I have seen this in the past. But I still was not conviced that this would be the root cause of a cluster group to so strongly and vehemently defend the SCA against any type of challenge or questioning.

There must be more to the SCA than I first saw (a few fat cats wanting my hard earned tax dollars to go to their mansions on the hill and fancy SUVs).

I think I have found it:

The PUBLIC LANDS PROVISION in the Saipan Casino Act. This provision has the strength and power to justify NMDIC pay top dollar to ensure that the SCA passes.

Here is the section in it's entirety:

ARTICLE XII - Section 8. Public Land. The Department of Public Land (DPL) or any future entity responsible for the administration of public lands in the Commonwealth, upon this Act becoming law and at the request of the NMDIC, shall issue public land to NMDIC. NMDIC shall hold leasehold interest to all public land issue by DPL and pay one dollar ($1.00) per year for the land or lands issue by DPL for as long as NMDIC is in business. The land or lands issue to NMDIC shall not be transferable. Upon dissolution of NMDIC, the land including all improvements shall revert back to DPL or its future named entity without cost.

If the SCA passes it will give NMDIC the rights to ALL PUBLIC LANDS at $1/year forever. That is right ANY AND ALL PUBLIC LANDS can be given to one for-profit corporation. The SCA does not state what the land can be used for. It does not state that it can not be sublet. It does not bar the NMDIC from doing anything at all with the land.

This is huge. There is no saving clause in the SCA that gives DPL the power to deny any request for land from NMDIC.

NMDIC can request ALL/ANY PUBLIC LAND in ANY DISTRICT. Yep Tinian and Rota too. There are no safeguards in place what so ever.

NMDIC will be the the sole lessee of ALL PUBLIC LANDS if they choose to request them. Why wouldn't they? They are a for-profit corporation. They will issue requests from the get go. They will amass all the public land. They will build whatever they want on the land and they will pay $1/year forever for it.

You may say that the this is no big deal. We can pass the SCA and if they do try this we can have the legislature amend the SCA to prevent this.

WE CAN'T. The legislature can not in anyway alter this Act once it is passed. In order to change it it would have to be through legislative initiative. The same drawn out process it is going through now.

This is INSANE.

Someone stop the madness.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Are Gambling With My Children's Lives.

I have stumbled across what must be the most hot forum regarding the casino act online. Please Click on this link to it :


I will weigh in with more on the subject in the next posts. I have posted comments on the forum above. I encourage everyone to ask questions and use this forum and mine to create dialogue.

Let the people talk.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Computer Minute - Tech Talk

I will try and do a techie post at least once a month (maybe once a week). Seeing as how my day job has me dealing with software and hardware all day why on earth would I want to spend my free time doing this? Well, maybe I can get syndicated and slide in a few shots at Mr. Turbitt in print in the Tribune. And, hell, I more than likely will be doing this post on the clock anyhow.

Today’s Topic: Feed Readers (aka Feed Aggregators) - An Avid Bloggers Wet Dream Come True

What is a Feed Reader?

"In computing, a feed aggregator, also known as a feed reader or simply as an aggregator, is client software or a Web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in a single location for easy viewing."
~ Wikipedia

If you are like me, you spend quite a long time hopping from one blog to the next in order to find out if there are any new posts. An older shortcut would have been saving the blogs you frequent in your favorites or adding a bookmark of some sort within your browser of choice. While this makes it a bit easier to jump from blog to blog, you must still scroll through to see if there are any updates to each and every blog you visit. Comments within these blogs is a whole ‘nother story. To find out if there were any new comments posted since your last visit you have to remember how many comments were left the last time you stopped in and scroll through the blog looking for any of the "comments #" that has increased. This gets impossible if you have been away from a blog for any long period of time. Also, you may never see comments added to much older posts that do not show up on the main page of the blog site. I hope I have not lost you yet and that most bloggies can relate to this.

Well there is a very simple solution to this cumbersome procedure. Feed Readers have the ability to allow a user to consolidate all the blogs they would normally frequent into one easy access page (know as subscribing). That is right you can view all your favorite blog posts in one magazine-like online page.

"Blogger Nirvana" you say? Hold tight it gets better.

I know anyone that keeps tabs on more than 4 blogs will be thinking, "That would be Blog Post Overload". They may fear that they would be presented with a page full of contless old and new posts from the blogs that they decide to subscribe to. Fear not. Once you read a post you can mark it as read and it will no longer show on the page. Each time a new blog is posted on any of the blogs you subscribe to your Feed Reader page will automatically be updated (by the fairy blogger).

What this means is that you can now go to your Feed Reader online and it will present you with all updated blog posts (or ones you have not read) from all the sites you fancy.

"What about all the comments? You said it allows me to see all the updated comments within the blog?" you wail. This is true. Most blogs give the Feed Readers the ability to subscribe to the comments section as well. This allows you to see not only all update blog (or unread) posts on that one page but all updated comments as well.

No that I have sold you on the benefits and I have you drooling over this Feed Reader phenomenon, I know what little voice in your head is saying. "How much does it cost for this amazing service?" All this would normally run you around $39/month at your local Bloggers Buy retail store.... But if you act now and send me cash or check in the amount of just $38.99 This can all be yours. And for a limited time only the first 50 bloggers to purchase will also get a set of Ginsu blades....

Just kidding. The service is completely FREE.

There are many online Feed Reader services that allow you to sign up and start subscribing to your favorite blogs for Free. The one I use is Google's Feed Reader. Damn is there anything they don't do online? One of the neat features is that if you already have a Google Gmail account or Google Blogger account or Google Analyzer account, or Google Gbank account.... whoops, that’s right the Gbank service launches in Jan '08... then you can use your login name and password and log on immediately and start configuring your own personal Feed Reader.

Configuring it is as simple as browsing the internet.

  1. Go to www.google.com/reader
  2. Log in with your Gmail account
  3. Hit the “add subscription” button
  4. Type in pragmaticplato.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  5. Click “add”
  6. And viola… the recent blog posts appear on the right side.

For comments do all the steps above but replace the URL in step 4 with the following: pragmaticplato.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default . The most recent comments from that blog will now also appear on the right hand side.

Continue this process until you have added all the blogs you care to follow, replacing “pragmaticplato” with the blog name of your choice.

After you have added all your subscriptions and browsed through all the posts and comments on the right side, click the “mark all as read” button at the top. Then click the “all items” button and every time you visit your Feed Reader site only the new comments and posts from all of your subscriptions will show up.

If I have succeeded in completely confusing you there is a very easy to understand tutorial movie on the homepage of the Google Feed Reader site that will clear it all up for you.

That’s all for today folks. Feel free to post any comments or questions. Till next week …. Happy Blogging!


Seeing as how this comment is getting lost in the flow at Saipanmiddleroad.blogspot.com I have decided to repost it here. I am very interested in what people may have to say on this issue. This is in regards to the heated controversy of having the Iranian President speak at Columbia. Many people have criticized this and said that he should not have been given him the stage.

I think that no one should be censored from speech. People liken him to Hitler. I say let him talk. People can listen and then come to their own decision on how they feel about him. I can come to my opinion without someone stopping me from listening for fear that I may not be able to handle what he has to say. Thank you for trying to protect us, but it truly is not necessary.

Who among us is so great that they have the right to decide these matters? Who is so perfect that they can cast such a large stone as one large enough to suppress the freedom of speech? Some have said that freedom of speech is limited to Americans. I can not believe that they feel that way. But that is their opinion and so be it. My opinion is that it is not limited. Speak. Question. Listen. Decide not to listen. Make up your own mind and stop worrying about filtering things for the masses.

If he is not welcome and people all believe what the press is reporting, if I am alone in believe that he should be allowed to say whatever he wants to, if all Americans believe he should not be given an audience then all they had to do was not show up. Quick easy simple solution. Obviously people showed up. Obviously the news covered it. Obviously they don't embrace the thought that he should not have been given an audience. How hypocritical is that that you say he should not be allowed to speak then go and watch him?

Here is my comment from Middle Road:

Pragmatic Plato said...
The homosexuality comment made up about 20 seconds of his entire forum. I personally feel it was slightly misinterpreted. I watched the entire forum last night (an unedited version). I have read interviews and backstories on him and seen him in two other interviews. He appears to be a very intelligent man. Many people's preconceived notions of who he is and what he believes in stem from misreported facts, spin, items taken out of context, etc.

I laughed at each and everyone of the questions that were asked of him after his speech. Each question was phrased with an attack and laced with information that may have not been accurate. I love the fact that he took a deep breath and entertained the questions none the less.

He was cordial, eloquent and poised. I often wonder how we as a country can so easily and blindly accept what mainstream media pumps out as truth. I also wonder why it is so hard for people to remove themselves from their own comfort zone and try and see things from another person's point of view.

Remember the US a few years back had slaves, committed hateful crimes against them, did not condone homosexuality, had massive amounts of crimes including death against homosexuals, aided iraq in administering the use of chemical weapons on iran, back isreal with support in a fight against the palistinian people, the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon in combat (not once but twice), continues to develop nuclear arms and test them, still has the death penalty and utilizes it, there are places in the U.S. in which homosexual acts are illegal and can be punished by imprisonment and fines, the list goes on and on.

Regarding the Homosexuality question, here is how our US Military sees homosexuality:

"US Military
Statute: US Code Title 10, Section 47, Subchaper X, Sec. 925. Art. 125. Sodomy.
Penalty: Court Martial
Classification: Felony
Restrictions: None
Enforcement: 106 members of the armed services were discharged during the 2000 fiscal year that ended September 30, 2000, for homosexual acts according to the Pentagon.


Section 47 - Uniform Code of Military Justice, Subchapter X, Punative Articles
Sec. 925. Art. 125. Sodomy

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with
another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy.
Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

(b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. "

Major case of pot calling the kettle black? Chime in. Lets try and keep this related to the issue at hand and not turn it into another "you are anonymous so it doesn't matter" debate.

9/28/2007 10:39 AM

An Acceptable Form of Censorship - Self Censorship

I noticed today that the self-proclaimed "best blog in Saipan" has put up barricades on general public access. I think this is a great move on his part. If you don't like public comments then why post publicly? It wouldn't be right for me to walk into someones house and start commenting about issues that are discussed. It would be right for me to chime in if a person is standing on the stage at a public forum. I think Mr. Turbitt should follow suit and do the same thing.

If the heat on your blog gets too intense close up shop and head home.

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newspaper Quote of the Day - And I Thought Socrates was Bad

I don't even know where to begin with this one? For the first time in many many years I am at a loss for words.

...Japanese women in the deliciously slutty attire I’ve always appreciated...

- Mr. Turbitt

The quote appeared in today's installment from the educator's column. I must say the title of his blog has never seemed more appropriate than now. Hypocrisy at its finest. You make that statement in the same breath in which you fault MVA for its inability attracting tourist from Japan. I am not even in Japan, not even a woman... but Good Zeus Almighty, I am offended and I would think twice about ever visiting Saipan if I was.

It gets better, he goes on later in his column to state how Guam has erred in allowing Strip Clubs and Karaoke (EkGads.... not a singing joint) to set up shop in the tourist district. Please tell me I am not alone in being completely boggled by his train of thought and basic logical skills. Does he fear that the Strip clubs will compete against the "sluttily dressed Japanese Tourist" that he so adores?

Remember folks this is a publicly printed news column. Do chime in.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 Candidates Take Center Stage ... Online (My Takes)

The following is a comment from Saipan Blogger's Site that I posted. I will post it here in case it gets censored... seeing as how me posting on his blog kind of begs to question the validity of the the "I am dead" line he flung at me.

The follwing is my take on the same 7 sites that Saipan Blogger visited and reviewed and my take on them.


I pulled up Joe Camacho’s site and it isn't bad. it gives background on him. i wish it had a bit more on what he stand for and what his takes on the issues are. It appears he may still be putting it together. He does have contact info and a couple phone numbers for voters to call him at. He does have a link to his brochure. Great info about the new redistricting. He also talks a bit about his house to house visits and some community info. He also has an online “Donation” that tells you who to send the checks to.

Cinta's website on the other hand, the one Angelo gives the accolades to, has not been updated in 2 years. Do you seriously think that is better than websites that contain up-to-date info? Heck, if I followed this website I would think she is #9 on the ballot. Come on Angelo, I know she is a pal of yours but call it like you see it. Her outdated website has her “We did it” home page. It has a briefly summarized platform. Her resume. Her stance on issues… at least what it was prior to her winning a couple years ago (this I believe has changed). A bunch of Events that happened in 2005 (Angelo you can not seriously think that this was the BEST of all the websites). A ton of endorsements … from prior to the 2005 election (this needs to be updated… do they still support her?… perhaps but we as voters need to know). News from the years 2000 -2004. And lastly a contact form.

Rose has a bunch of photos and the normal vote for me and all the other “running mates” (I am assuming the other candidates under the same political party although her website never states to my knowledge what party that is.). It also has info about a charitable fund and extensive information about her family heritage and who she is related to. I think the site is visually appealing but underneath the façade just perpetuates the political status quo when it comes to voting. She also has a photo gallery. not sure what firefox browser Angelo is using. I downloaded the latest (for geek use only) Firefox browser and the site load and looked fine. There is a snippet of code that displays in the footer but not anything that would prevent you from viewing or navigating the site.

I differ again from your take in regards to Fred’s site. You only point out your issues with his URL and say you don’t want to comment on blogs. Fred’s site it is one of the few that contains all the basic elements I would be looking for in a site for any of the candidates. It has his background and resume, his platform and stance on issues (whether I stand with him or not), a blog for citizen’s commentary (a bit more activity here would be good), an event calendar, voter information, important links and his contact info. It seems to have up to date info. As with Rose’s site he does have a section for the familial connections… but such is the CNMI and there are voters who need to know who is mother-in-law is… I guess?

Tina’s site as Fred’s has all the necessary elements I believe are needed for a website about a candidate. She lists her background and contrary to what you say her resume is linked. She has an event calendar (seems to need some work as it is hard to see). She has a link to voter info and a sample 2007 precinct 1 ballot. There are links and various methods for people to contact her. She also has a blog and what a content filled one it is (I could not read through everything yet). She posts about all the issues that citizens have brought up in her meetings with them and what they have shared with her and then she gives a personal stance and comment on each and every issue. She actually has another blog that she also links to; the CNMI Forums site that she has been running for some time it appears. This blog has some good commentary on all things politico in the CNMI. I have been an avid reader (and commenter) of this blog for months. Her site is also very aesthetically pleasing. As for the Firfox compatibility issues, there was a minor one pixel shif ton the right hand side on the background image. Not enough to deem it unreadable. It only occured on the home page the other pages showed up fine.

Clyde’s site also has the main info voters should be looking for. It has is platform and stances on various issues. It has his background and links to news and other sites. Because he was once up no the hill, he also lists his past record of what he did up there for voters to peruse and decide if this is what they want to see more of. Surprisingly there is no Contact info that I could find.

Luis’ site is the only one with a David Lettermanesque Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Me on the home page. His Platform is brief but his past legislation page is very very very long. Again I will have to read over what legislation it is and if he was responsible for each piece or if it is legislation from the senate as a whole. EDIT: I took a peek … tons of resolutions commemorating and recognizing everything and a few resolution and laws to rename streets as well as a few others. He does proudly top list (by number of course…but still) legislation to grant $10 million bucks to the now defunct MPLA (we all know where that money really went). His site also has endorsements from community member (Friends of Angando)… though with only three he may want to switch this to a page of his extended (very extended) family. He also has photos and contact info. He is also on of the few with a contact phone #.

All in all, it is great to see the candidates put up information on the internet for the masses. Some of the factors that stood out to me are:

  • What issues they tackled. Were they touching on the big ones??
  • The depths to which the candidates personally addressed the issues. I wanted to see where they stood. Whether I stood with them or not.
  • What type of contact info they gave (a phone number means they want to speak to you… personally. Only 3 had listed numbers. I did not call to see if they all really worked)
  • Whether the site was currently updated
  • Did they flaunt family connections and prominent community member endorsements
  • Were they selling themselves or what they stood for (I can’t make this sound right… but I hope you get what I mean)

We need to really look at the candidates themselves this year and every election year henceforth. We need to contact these candidates. We need to talk to them. We need to find out if they truly are people we want representing us.

I will get off the soapbox. That is my take on the candidate websites. If there are other candidates out there who have sites that I didn’t touch on please Email me at pragmaticplato at gmail dot com.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Best Headline of the Day

"Reyes: Wage adjustments for gov’t lawyers, executives not a pay hike"

It is a Wage Adjustment people not a Wage Hike...

...Just so happens that all the adjustments are in a positive direction.

Where can I hire a Spin Doctor?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Enlightenment - The Power of the Educator

I too am not without fault. I question in order to further my understanding. Sometimes through this understanding, my initial stance on a subject will waver. This is the case in regards to my initial stance on the whole anonymity issue.

Here is a snippet from a post by Mr. Turbitt that caused me to look deep within my soul and question my original position:

"And for anyone who still thinks it's ok to do the anonymous thing, this dickless turd is out there trashing my name while hiding in the bushes like a coward. That's why the whole anonymous thing is unfair. He gets to trash my name and hide in the weeds like the vermin he is. And memo to said turd, nothing stays secret long in a place this small."

Link to Post

Having said that, I have decided to scurry out of the bushes I was trembling behind and pull up the weeds I have been wading in and make known to the world me true identity.

Henceforth my blog will no longer shield my true identity from the public. I will request that all my published works no longer simply refer to me as "Plato".

I am Aristocles son of Ariston, of the deme Collytus.

I have cowered behind the Plato Pseudonym for much too long. I do hope that this noble step on my part is embraced by The Educator, Mr. Turbitt. He has not only been my muse, but he has opened up my eyes to my own short comings.

As for the "dickless" comment... I assure you that it was merely a statue of my likeness that was rendered dickless by the Council of Trent during the Counter Reformation period. I do still have a fully functioning penis.

It is only through discussion and debate that true enlightenment can occur. I have changed my position but I do not require that my readers follow suit. Look within yourself. Use this blog as a lesson. Research the Post contained within the Educator's Blog and arrive at your own conclusion.

I Am Dead?!

Comment posted on Mr. Turbitt's Blog:

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...
You are dead to me, boy.

I regret that i must respond here as my response on Mr. Turbitt's blog will not be posted.

Saipan Blogger,
Thank you for the warm welcome to the blogging community!

Pragmatic Plato

P.S.: Does this mean I am not invited to the next blogger meetup?

Question of the Day?

Is it acceptable to write a column in the news paper for the public to read and then not be able to handle moderate debate on the substance of said column?


Comment Posted on Mr Turbitt' Blog

Reference Post on Mr. Turbitt's Blog

My Comment:

may i get a link to my blog?

i will not post here anymore. i will simply copy your posts over to my blog and comment on your posts there. my blog will truly be an open forum.

i hate to tell you this but no one will defend you when you liken casino gambling to the war in iraq in an attempt to give it your stamp of approval. they will not defend the "should saipan expect anything better" comment either.

you really need to re-read what you have wrote and what i have wrote and step back and take a 3rd person view of it all.

you have some serious issues with debate and discussion.

and once again (since you deleted my comment that stated it), censorship is not relegated to being a tool used only by the government.

Please Feel Free to Chime In

I have opted to post a snippet of Mr. Turbitt's blog on my site. I fear that most people that comment on his site may be subject to the same censorship I encountered. Please feel free to comment on the quote below. I do not want it to seem as though I have taken it out of context so feel free to visit his site and read it in it's entirety. His site is linked on the right.

"The Iraq War exists as a way to enrich connected corporations much more than any war on terror. How else can you cut taxes, and run up billions of debt without end and still pretend to be acting in the interests of the country? Can we expect this little place to be any better than the U.S. government, which has much larger stakes and much more scrutiny."
~ By Jeff Turbitt

I believe we can expect Saipan to be better. What do you say?

Censorship: My Inspiration // Mr. Turbitt: My Muse

Thanks to Jeff Turbitt the Casino Proponents now have a new slogan:

"The Saipan Casino Act Initiative: As good for Saipan as the Iraq War is for the USA! Vote "Yes" this November."

Link to source here: http://turbittj.blogspot.com/2007/09/casinos-not-poker-rooms-mv-3.html

Hell, I guess if you really think about it people going over to Iraq and those heading into a casino are in the same boat...

... both taking one hell of a gamble.

I posted a comment on his blog but rather than a good debate on the topic he has opted for censorship. Many great leaders have taken that same path, so i can't come down to harshly on him. The likes of Hitler, Kim Jong Ill, Pontious Pilate and so on have also opted to censor rather than address the issues and exchange ideas.

I have politely requested for a copy of my posted comment from Mr. Turbitt. Once he sends it over I will publish it here for each of my fellow men to peruse and decide if it was worthy of such treatment?

"I suppose that writers should, in a way, feel flattered by the censorship laws. They show a primitive fear and dread at the fearful magic of print."

John Mortimer

And just a side note to Mr. Turbitt since he wants "nothing to do with me";

Definition of Censorship: The act of hiding, removing, altering or destroying copies of art or writing so that general public access to it is partially or completely limited.