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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bloggerland's Plato says Mr. Villagomez Needs to Reinvent Himself.

Perhaps Angelo should practice what he preaches and take some tips from this Variety Article in which he is quoted.

Take an objective look at what you have done/said over the past year and reevaluate what you can change to make yourself more desirable.

I can't post on Mr. Villagomez's blog due to my signature so I will respond to a comment he posted here:

"The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'm been reading up on some of the things the Unity marchers have been doing since Friday:

  • They are accusing Cinta Kaipat of sponsoring the Labor Bill so that she could get a job at Labor and take under the table bribes.
  • They are attacking KSPN for not providing enough coverage.
  • They are attacking Walt Goodridge and Christine Parke for not speaking publicly about the March (what do they have to do with the March?)
  • They attacked anyone who estimated that that under 10,000 people participated, including the middle road bloggers and me.
    The most telling thing from all this is something I read on Dengre's latest diary on Dailykos.
    Here is the link, scroll to the bottom:
    Here is the quote:
    “We rode the stories of these workers to victory in 2006”
    That tells me that this is about electing Mainland Democrats to office, not actually helping the situation.
    That is really sad. I really supported Dengre when I first started reading his stuff, but it has become apparent that his agenda is getting rid of Republicans (not necessarily a bad thing), not helping the people of the Marianas."

Mr. Villagomez,

No one is accusing your friend Cinta of anything. Many are trying their best to guess what reasons she may have had to push with all her might against so much opposition to get this labor law passed.

No one is attacking KSPN news. We are simply stating an obvious. They covered the march on Friday and said to tune in on Monday for more coverage. This didn't happen and no mention was given to any delays. Why does it upset you? If you were told to tune in to a show for coverage of an event and you did and nothing was covered wouldn't you also be peeved or at least curious as to why it wasn't covered? Watch the online version of Friday's news since you obviously didn't.

I did not "attack" Chris or Walt. I made a comment about how strange it would be to have a seminar for Guest Workers (that was what he wrote) that covers "Answering Tricky Interview Questions" when technically in 2 weeks they wont be able to apply for a job in the CNMI at all due to the no-transfers provision in our new Labor Law.

The amount of people at the march has been a topic of discussion since the march and it has been debated on the blogs and in person. If you feel attacked because your estimate is different than mine or his does it matter?

As far as the March's intent to be getting Mainland Republican's into office...
Pass the joint my way. Are you that upset that you were not a part of the march that you will now do everything in your power to try and denigrate it? If Republican’s get elected into office in the Mainland because of the March in the CNMI, I assure you it will be a by-product of the march not the intent.

As far as Dengre is concerned… What the hell does he have to do with the Unity March held on Friday?

It truly is time for you Angelo Villagomez to Reinvent yourself.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh! In that case go ahead. I'll bend over.


How stupid does this sitting Governor think the public is. He is now saying that a compromise can be reached. The point isn't what types of gambling tables are available at the La Fiesta, heck at this point it really isn't even about gambling in general (haven't we been down this road before? Is that Bruce in the rear view mirror?).

This is about the principle of the matter. We are the public. We deserve more than this shit. We all went to the polls in November and decided that for one reason or another did not want to pass the gambling initiative that was put on the ballot. I don't know why the public said "no". Neither does anyone else.

Wake up you sleeping self made giants on the hill! Call a damn public hearing. Talk to the people that you are supposed to be REPRESENTING (hence the title REPRESENTATIVE).

Perhaps the public will embrace this new bill. Perhaps they will even ask for a wider range of gaming tables. Perhaps they will ask to just kill poker in general. Perhaps they will ask to move all the poker and any other gaming device under the sum up to the Fiesta.

The point is you don't f$#!@!@ know. Stop with the shit headed games. Stop treating the public like a bunch of idiots.

We are not as naive as you folks on the hill are.

[Reference is to this article: http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=75103&cat=1 ]

So Lost.

From Walt Goodrige’s Column:

“EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll be giving a workshop to one fragment of the population-Filipino contract workers (however, all are invited)-on Sunday, Dec. 16, 1pm at the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe. The seminar will have four speakers who will discuss different topics: "How to win friends and be a likeable person" by Anthony Pellegrino, "How to overcome fear of public speaking” by Bob Coldeen, "How to answer tricky job interview questions" by Christine Parke and "How to manage your time and be productive" by Walt Goodridge. DJ Dr. Love will act as moderator of the four-hour learning session. $5. E-mail pinoyseminar_saipan@yahoo.com to register or contact any CNMI-Power member.”

Am I the only one that is totally thrown a back by this?

Do he and Christine know something I don’t know? Why would you hold a seminar for a segment of the population that won’t even be allowed to answer a single interview question after January 1st?

Neither of them have said a peep publicly about the march.

Friday, December 7, 2007



So it begins.


Brad: More people showed up to the March than Martin garnered at the concert.


Bruce: No violence.

Everyone else in the CNMI: Thank you!


I will write later about the many things that occurred today.

Thank you to the many that donned the Boycott Porky's T's. I opted not to wear one today but loved those that did.

Some Positive News.

Yes it has been one of those weeks.

I read in the papers today about the comments to our Governor from Sen. Bingaman. For the past few months I have been resigning myself to the fact that the Senate Bill may not have any more forward moment and that it all may have all switched over to the US House Bill (with the provision removed and added Visa Exemptions for Guam foreign workers and tourist).

The Senate Bill is intact and judging from the letter to our Gov. Fitial from Sen. Bingaman it appears it is still alive and kicking. It appears that our Governor sent a letter over to the Senate and House once again slamming them and shooting off his mouth with accusation about how the Feds don't know what is going on in the CNMI and that they need to wait for the GAO reports before acting on this legislation.

Well this letter form Fitial stirred the pot. Thankfully.

The actual Bingaman - Fitial Letter (it is a great read. click here). Until then here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Your second concern that action on the bill should be deferred until after GAO completes its ongoing report on the CNMI, reflects a misunderstanding of the reasons the report was requested. GAO's assistance was sought to provide Federal agencies with the information needed to implement S. 1634, not to assist the Committee in determining whether to act on the bill."

Damn. :-)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gaming Bill

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GAMING BILL [it has passed the house]

Great Idea!

So I heard that all PSS teachers and employees are REQUIRED to attend tomorrow's First Lady's Vision Christmas Parade which starts at 4pm and goes from the American Memorial Park to Quartermaster.

So I got to thinking again... and you know what happens when I do that. I got a bright idea. How bout if all those in the parade hop on over and join the March as the two intersect at Quartermaster?

The Parade ends at Quartermaster and the March Begins at Kilili Beach. Once the March reaches Quartermaster the Parade should be getting there too.

This will be awesome.

Hope to see everyone there.

March Info From Tina Sablan

What: Unity March
When: Friday, December 7 -- assembly starts at 4:30pm
Where: Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park
Why: To protest PL 15-108, the new local labor law; to express support for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI; and to call on U.S. Congress to retain the provision that would grant improved status to long-term alien residents in the bill to federalize immigration
Who: All members of the community are invited to join this march

All members of the community, of all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and occupations, are called to join in the historic and peaceful Unity March on Friday, December 7, beginning with an assembly at 4:30pm at Kilili Beach, and ending at American Memorial Park. Unity March demonstrators will call for just and rational local labor laws, for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI, and for improved immigration status for long-term alien residents.

Traffic Advisory
Motorists are advised to exercise caution when driving on Beach Road between Kilili Beach and American Memorial Park from 4:30pm and 9pm, as there are expected to be hundreds of demonstrators, including children, walking along the street and pathway up to Quartermaster Road. Before 7pm, the Department of Public Safety will be closing the northbound lane of Beach Road just after Quartermaster Road, and Unity Marchers will move into the streets up to American Memorial Park.

Transportation will be provided to and from the march for those who need it. Pick-ups will be at San Antonio basketball court and Garapan basketball court, beginning at 4pm.

People who are unable to march the entire length of the street from Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park are encouraged to ride in the Unity March convoy, or to simply head straight to the American Memorial Park to meet with other demonstrators and participate in the closing ceremony.

Local Musicians to Perform
Local musicians Steve Sablan and Floyd Lim from the Big Beats have volunteered to perform throughout the march to keep up the spirits of the demonstrators. Other musicians have also been invited to perform.

In the Evening, Rain or Shine
All participants are asked to bring water and flashlights. Umbrellas are also advised. The Unity March will take place rain or shine.

Placards and Banners
Placards and banners have been prepared for the march. Participants are also invited to bring their own placards and banners indicating the message(s) they wish to convey, the organizations they are representing, etc. Organizers only ask that all signs promote the spirit of unity and peaceful expression.

Expected Participants
Bangladeshi Community,
Bicol Association,
Business owners,
Chinese Community,
Federal and local government officials,
Foreign national workers,
Human Dignity Movement,
Japanese Community,
Korean Association,
Local attorneys,
Micronesians and other Pacific Islanders,
Off-island supporters,
Permanent residents,
Social workers and advocates,
Thai Association,
United Filipino Organization,
U.S. citizens,
Various professional associations,
Various religious groups, and
Many other individuals and organizations of diverse backgrounds, all unified by a desire to improve the immigration and labor system for the fair protection and long-term benefit of all workers and businesses in the CNMI.

To Contribute
Businesses or individuals interested in making in-kind donations of water, trash bags, banners, placards, paint supplies, and other materials may contact Ed Propst at 483-7361.

To Volunteer
Individuals interested in volunteering to assist at the aid stations, to pass out water, ribbons, etc., or to assist with ensuring traffic safety, particularly trained individuals such as security guards, JROTC/ROTC officers, and the Boy Scouts may contact Conrad Ocampo at 286-8625. The Red Cross will be providing logistical support for aid stations.

Individuals interested in volunteering to drive participants to and from the Unity March may contact Wendell at 483-9494.

For More Information
Please contact Ed Propst at 483-7361; Tina Sablan at 483-3935; Boni Sagana at 484-0507; or Stephen Woodruff at 235-3872.


Thanks very much!

Tina Sablan

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Non-Controversial Post

Can we all agree that Angelo Villagomez is a deplorable, self-centered, self-absorbed, egotistical, hate mongering, ignorant, insecure, piece of crap with very limited brain power and little to no social skills and that the community should pity him rather than hate him?

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger

So I have been thinking... yes I know that is pretty unheard of. I have been reading the recent postings on Middle Road, Brad's, Bruce's and Angelo's Blogs and what I have been reading is beyond disturbing. I would have thought that Bruce couldn't stoop any lower than his feeble attempt at assisting in the passage of the SCA but I was wrong. He has recently posted this statement on his blog which is taken out of context and at this point I can care less:

"Maybe if they are lucky, protest march organizers will get a small act of violence to splash on front pages. "

He has also made other comments on other blogs basically down the same line of hoping that a violent event occurs during this peaceful march.

I do hope that he is the recipient of any violence that ever occurs in the CNMI.

Brad has also made some comments and blog posts about the upcoming march and his may have been influenced by Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger [Angelo] and Bruce. He has made some comments about one of the people participating in the march and even posted a poll that pits him against Martin as an indicator of support for the march.

Bruce has also said that the march is a futile attempt that won't generate any results. I wonder how he of all people became an expert on diagnosing futile attempts at anything. Remember this is the same guy that championed the SCA. What a buffoon.

I believe that all of the hate based attacks on Boni are nothing more than an attempt by people to discredit this march. It is not working and from what I have seen is doing more to tarnish their own images rather than Boni's.

Some of the comments that have been written alluded to Boni collecting funds in exchange for greencards. Others have stated that he is unemployed and living off Dekada dues. The most recent one by Bruce states that Boni could not be well off unless he was stealing money in order to purchase a house in the Philippines and eat in the CNMI.

What makes this even more disturbing is that their comments have been challenged and most have been proven unwarranted and misleading. Dekada has not charged a fee to it's members for the past 3 years. No one listed above has spoken to Boni personally and have no idea other than their self made gossip about him.

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger, after being given proper information regarding all of this, has recently chosen to post yet another disgusting blog. This time disgracing the March itself.

Feel free to read his blog post dated today. Here is my comment response to him (in case he decides to censor it):

"You are the one that has painted yourself into a corner. You are rambling
on about something that you obviously know little or nothing about.

This is not a march of Filipinos vs Locals. You saying that is what will
plant that disgusting seed in people's minds. You have serious issues. You are
bitter about your current place in the CNMI and you are trying to wreak havoc on
a great movement.

As it stands now there are a multitude of ethnicities included in
this march. You wouldn't know because you have sat in your hovel and created
your own version of reality. There are various Japanese, Korean, Thai,
Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Chamorro, Palauan, Carolinian, etc. groups,
business owners, employees all locking arms in support of this march.

This is not a race based issue and it does take into consideration both
local and non-residents. The main focal point of the march is the recently
enacted Local Labor Law. This law affects everyone (all damn ethnicities). You
should read it before you start spewing your nonsense. The findings in that law alone are enough to make anyone’s stomach turn.

Boycott Porky’s!


PS: If your recent posts are nothing more than an attempt to garner
comments in your little online competition world than I regret that I have added
to your blog."

I do hope that the majority of the public that peruse these blogs is intelligent enough to see through their crap. I will be at the march on Friday and I encourage all of the people in the CNMI to be there with me.

Remember there were times in our country when women had limited rights, people were enslaved due to the color of their skin, people were attacked based on their sexual preference. Things can change.

"You must be the change you
wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Ghandi

Come Walk With Me

The March.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If the Shoe Fits... Let 'em Wear It..

So good ol' McGinnis (Stanley) was at it in the paper again today. Once again trying to justify his waste of taxpayer dollars passing a resolution to chastise Ron H. for his satirical letter to the editor. The one thing that stood out of this pile o' crap was the fact that he inferred that this statement was aimed directly at him:

"until our feeble-minded, crooked, shameless, public representatives see the futility of enslaving half of our adult population and get down on their knees (something they do have some expertise in) and surrender on the subject of slavery in the commonwealth."

Well, if he inferred that he was one of these "feeble-minded, crooked, shameless, public representatives " then I guess he outted himself in defense against this statement.