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Monday, November 17, 2008

Job Entitlement

At what point did the people of the CNMI begin to believe that they were entitled to Government Jobs?

Most recently the entire Immigration staff and their valiant leader Grey headed up to the Legislature to voice their concerns. They met with members of the House and asked the Representatives, "What are they going to do about the situation they are in?" They stated that no one from the legislature went to their offices to assist them.

In true form, a few of the legislators had already drafted out a Bill mandating a lateral transfer of all 68 immigration personnel.

Is it just me or does this just scream - STUPIDITY!

Our government is currently struggling with depleted revenues. We are in a state where we need to be downsizing government. The federalization of immigration can be looked at as a step in that direction. No longer will local funds be required to run this section. What our legislature could not do (downsize) has been done for us. And rather than looking at this as a positive step the same legislature is now going to turn around and force the Government to hire all 68 individuals and maintain our current spending level. Why?

Simple. They want their votes. At what cost? At what point will our public servants come to grips with the stark reality of our times. We are broke. We need to quit with our old ways and begin to trim down the size of government. We need to make some tough calls and downsize. No one likes this fact. It is a tough pill to swallow but it must be done and be done quickly.

The Washington Reps office was affected by the federalization of immigration. The staff from Pete's office will be out of a job earlier than expected. Should our government also guarantee a lateral transfer of all of his staffers? When a department head decides to cut costs and layoff employees, should the affect employees also be afforded this luxury?

And while we are handing out government jobs, why relegate this mentality to the public sector? Blockbuster just closed with little to no warning given to their staff. Should we offer gov't jobs to all of their displaced workers? Carmen Safeway just closed up shop, what about giving all of their workers jobs in the government?

What on earth are our legislators doing? This is not a time to play Santa Claus and drum up votes by dishing out jobs for which taxpayers must ante up the cash to pay for. Times are tough everywhere. No one is ENTITILED to a job. When businesses close workers have to go about finding a new place of employment. The same should apply for Government Jobs. Pete's staffers and the immigration workers need to begin scouting for jobs. Sign up for welfare in the midterm and unemployment benefits if need be. But get out there and find a job with the rest of us that are out here working our hind parts off to bring home the bacon.

What is even more disturbing is that the immigration jobs are not gone. The Federal government is in the midst of hiring individuals to fill the same slots (only difference is that they will be funded by the federal government not the CNMI government) unlike the private sector jobs that have completely vanished upon the business closures. I hope that some of the individuals displaced from the private sector along with the immigration workers are making every attempt possible to qualify for the federal immigration positions.

I could go on and on about this but let me instead sum it up in very simple terms for our elected representatives:

The time has come for you to grow a spine, to look at the state of the commonwealth and do what is right for all of the people of the CNMI. To pass a budget that is fiscally sound and deals with the realities of our trying times. Do we have to cut government jobs? YES. Do it. You may believe that by passing that law for the lateral transfer that you garnered yourselves the 68 votes along with their family members. I hope you realize what it truly cost you in terms of votes. You have lost mine and at least 10000 other voters that see right through your cowardly act. You may want to pass a new bill that guarantees a transfer for all of you legislators that voted yes to this bill because come 2009 you will also be out of a job.


Lil' Hammerhead said...
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Lil' Hammerhead said...
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jeff said...

Thank God your posting again!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. You would not believe the number of government workers classed as Civil Service workers that have the strong belief they cannot be terminated due to tardiness,failure to complete tasks on time, misuse of gov cars, etc.... it boggles the mind, their weird mind set. On Mondays and Fridays work hardly gets done and are complete holidays for many. Maybe they cannot be terminated? Anyone have info on this?

KAP said...

There's an election in less than a year. The governor won't give up his captive employees and the legislature will hold on to its slush funds.

Budget numbers are a fantasy anyway because 'unfunded liabilities' are somehow not counted in the deficit.

Discipline is relatively easy, even for civil service employees. All it takes is the will and some documentation (aka "work"). Some agencies are good at it. Most are not.

Anonymous said...

Lotta bitchin.

Solutions anyone?

Anonymous said...

To the 3rd NONI above. Civil Service Employees CAN BE TERMINATED for cause. It can be done, however there is a process that must be followed. If they deserve to be fired and aren't, it's because the one responsible to fire them does not know the law and doesn't know how to go through the process or just plain has no spine and therefore should not be in that position in the first place. If we want this Commonwealth to prosper and develop into an ideal place to live, we have to start putting qualified people in position, so they can do the services they are being paid to do. YES, CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES CAN BE REMOVED FOR A GOOD CAUSE.

Anonymous said...

Immigration workers over 37 years old are not eligible for DHS CBP jobs, even if they've been on the job ten or fifteen years.