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Monday, January 1, 2007

Post and Comments about EJ

I said I would never ever censor this blog and I am standing by my word.

All posts that reference EJ will be moved to this post. If you care to read them simply go to the oldest post on this blog.

They will be listed in no particular order because it really doesn't matter. 


KPG said...

OK MAYBE not. 
roger that. 

wow so...

Anonymous said...

Go away little girl!

KPG said...

who are u talking about. 
there is no little girl anywhere
do you see her?

I told u I won't go to lil hamm's site. now let's be fair and kind. this is ur chance to go the FUCK AWAY. 

BEFORE I fucken publish all that idiots in Saipan did to me and to my Asian female friends. 

but I am not losing control anymore. I am going to get law degree to destroy u all. I am not sorry. u thought I was no body. well, we'll see who I am in 5 years. 

Russ Quinn's infamous quote
"so EJ, what is your 5 yr. plan"
as we were getting ready for PIC volleyball tournament.

I am going to let u wait as long as it makes me happy to see u are tormented inside ur mind, heart & soul. sorry, u asked for it.

do know u've just added fuel to my anger& hatred to ignorant peanuts controlling saipan.<--- what is THAT?!? I am a public figure & u are it too. just wait for me to subside my anger, take control, and CONTROL u(peanuts). it'll take some time.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep talking about Russel Quinn? He is married you know. Did you fuck him or do you want to fuck him?

Come on EJ just share with us your fuckfest past. Horny minds need to know.

Angelo know how to pick em.

KPG said...

QUinn. o that one..

secret till I get my degree in MBA & Law. it'll take 5 yrs. 
then I am going to get PhD. 
just wait for me to reveal it for you.

b patient.

KPG said...

ATTN Saipan:

russ quinn told Jon Cramer
to email 
some volleyball players in Guam to find my partner(USA) a partner 
who the **** are u knocklehead.

is ur new title= NAME.

no more naughty shiet. 
where is my med. shiet-

KPG said...

statue quo..
let my voice b heard
to you gentle souls somewhere

statue QUO:



Anonymous said...

Knocklehead? HAHAHAHA!
Go back to first grade you idiot! 
Take your not-so-talented-ass to the k-5. Maybe they'll let you play vball there. 
Peanut?? You mean the size of your brain? Oops! I'm sorry. That would be 2x the size of your brain. 

Hi! My name is EJ. I like peanuts. I like Penis. I can not spell for shit because my brain is half a size of a peanut. Also because I had too much penis. I also enjoy stalking and threatening random people. I like to think that I'm smart, but it's only a delusion caused by my half-a-peanut sized brain. Would anyone like to answer my email and phone calls? I make no sense when I talk or when I write. Are you my friend? Did you betray me? What is your phone number? Don't worry I'll find you. I'll find you when I get to CNMI on March 8. See me at Godfather's Bar at 10:15. Oh wait, I'm also recently banned from entering the CNMI. I will also be banned from entering the USA. But I think it's all bullshit. Because I am KPG gone wild to sKGP. I am E.J. LEE. I am EJ the legend. The legend of the peanut who became an insignificant and incompetent person. Do you respect me? Cuz if you don't, I'll find you. I'm a public figure. I will make you famous. Just wait..

KPG said...

EJ, how high are you?
me.. high enough

what are you smoking
me.. anger management cigar

why are you smoking
me.. because I am smoking hot.


Anonymous said...

life and death is a serious matter
you can kill all you want
u can screw all u like

human lives are vulnerable, fragile, not be made fun of, put down, peed on, ignored, laughed at, make sexual jokes to, 

but respected and honored that they have thoughts. 
like you and sorry to say u.

I am going to attack ur lil thingy as long as I live.

Anonymous said...

all in PUBLIC's (O-O) eyes. 
tha'ts not my boobies focker.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see your boobies EJ.

KPG said...

KPG said...
Lil thing
I think I corked em alllllllllll

I am too powerful for peanuts in the middle of no where Bush signed marine monument (is this what's it called?) w/ a cheap ass pencil sharpen by formal KPG

Why support that shit angelo v. fought for a year receiving nearly $5,000 a month (12*5,000)

u calculate
I got more better things to calculate. 
I need to calculate risks I am taking here and on. 
for u Saipan.

Focus, k.
Bush signed a fucked-up deal w/ this fucked up gluttons when by preventing fishermen from KOtic China equals 

=more food for gluttons where they don't even know how to fish

equally equals
=less food for poor and unfortunate soul governed by Corrupted leaders gives head like corn jumping in a microwave 
SAME SAME that of sUm politicians in CNMI.

so lame. You care about fish and other things that don't support u and yet, 
u prevent people in need of food supply desperately looking else where for humanity/passion/compassion...

so FUCKING lame u Saipan. 
I am reporting this to Hillary Clinton. 

spread the word. 
IT WAS $5,000ish (if not FISH) 
that A.V. received from POW? is that where he used to belong..
I don't give a shit where anyone belongs. 
I could careless about Rotary Club. One good thing about Rotary Club in Saipan is ur brain


I am going to pursuade Harry to pack the shit up and leave u cold.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

KPG said...

gee that wasn't angelo villagomez up there above me
it might be Kimo fucking w/ A.V. the poor dirty soul. 
hiding like Ann Frank in his 3rd floor apartment taking no shower no NO pee pee

KPG said...

someone please FREE Oreo out of the attic. 
I ask you PLEASE

I care about Animals because Angelo cares about Fish. lol

KPG said...

Anonymous said...
Fuck you play dough cunt. You are harrassing me for posting anonymously and your the bitch who is anonymous with your cunt Lillian Hammerstein. Shame on you bitch!

February 18, 2009 11:23 AM
Anonymous listen very carefully. 

I didn't know what Lil Hamm website was about, who is operating behind Humidity and I don't care to know who she /he is even after ur lil jeff Tibbit couldn't be mature enough to stay silent about her identity. 

All I care is about her intelligence, concerns for the world today, and opinions she frankly shares without filtering it. 

WFT does it matter how she/he looks like, who she belongs to and where she lives. ??? HUH?? 
U TELL ME NOW. in English. 

so u can judge her and fuck her while she is one respectable human being none like u giving names even after u have discover her 'real' identity fed via Tibbit by FedEx. she is Lil Hammerhead, not play dogh cookie Hammer cunt.

cookie dog, u have a name just like Roberta. 
before I name u, please name urself and do me a favor. REVEAL UR IDENTITY. 
before I go there and rip the shit out of u in Public. Would u like that?

u chose not to reveal ur jane doe identity because u don't want to embarrass ur family under ur name. 
I don't know why Roberta did not reveal her name till it caught up on her. 

But I am not calling any dog names because I simply didn't have time to ask and interrogate. NOT YET. 

Lil shit, answer your phone. Lol, chill- take this pill Lil Hammer. It's called "Anger Management Pill" tastes like Cookie dough. 


Anonymous said...


formal KPG gone wild&crazy
to sKPG

sorry that's who I am.

Anonymous said...

say my name say my name

uh huh

Angelo's Secret Admirer said...

E J how good is Angelo in bed because I want to fuck his brains out. Are you mad at him because he dumped you and you still want him to sex you up? Just admit you still want to ride Angelo's huge penis.

Angelo's Secret Admirer said...

I heard from a reliable source that Angelo has a big one. I hope I get to see it.

KPG said...

he (Kimo) is talking about hell

Anonymous said...

Angelo's condition in bed 
is not for me to discuss both online and in ur face. 
it's his privacy and I care about him. 

What I don't care about Angelo Villagomez is his arrogance, immaturity, disrespect for females, grudge against his past experiences.

I hold grudge against my past experiences. hell ya. and I don't care about KPG in this regard because it's negative. 

hell ya.

Anonymous said...

and I won't allow u to see his dick down there because I am protecting his penis. not dippin on u know where but I am protecting it from prostitutes like u. 

stop fancing something u can't have. 
sit down my dog + so hot= HOTDOG

that's ur name.

Angelo's Secret Admirer said...

It turns me on when Angelo gets tough. My pussy is sopping wet right now Angelo. Wanna touch it and see how wet it is?

I bet EJ is getting jealous right now. I wonder if she knows I am going to seduce you. EJ you blew your chance with Angelo and now he is single and ready for hot nasty times with me.

Angelo's Secret Admirer said...

It turns me on when Angelo gets tough. My pussy is sopping wet right now Angelo. Wanna touch it and see how wet it is?

I bet EJ is getting jealous right now. I wonder if she knows I. am going to seduce you. EJ you blew your chance with Angelo and now he is single and ready for hot nasty times with me.

KPG said...

Bar tenders don't write like this above. 
I am a fool for 15 sec. 


Anonymous said...

EJ move on. Angelo doesn't want to date you anymore. Please stop posting. You need psychiatric help. Meds. Real professdional help.

Anonymous said...

Seriosuly please get help EJ cuz u r acting weird.

KPG said...

ok no more posting about angelo

Anonymous said...

EJ i fucked angelo last night and it was soooooo gooooooooooooood. don't be mad okay?

Anonymous said...

attention White House

this IS Saipan. 
mini series - LOST season 69
do what ever u like w/ him. not when I get there. that's a whole another story. He is not going anywhere w/ anyDog. this time he is doing Wolf.

btw, what is ur gender.
u are confusing me.

Anonymous said...

hey, I control.
what can I say.
Angelo's info is sealed w/ me till 
he betrays me again. 

but if you were to pay the entrance fee for Marianas Cup 09, 
That is a whole another story. 

no, u fuck off
one lawyer(above u) is calling vb association to ask WHY RUSS???

WHAT's to fear, russ Quinn
what did u do to KPG.
tell me 1 good reason she can't play on 'ur' vb tournament. 
is it really urs?

the answer fo this one is obvious. 
b patien

Anonymous Anonymous said...


March 1, 2009 5:47 PM