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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Censored again. For the love of Goats.

Well add another to the sites that have censored my comments.

It appears that Mr. Bateman is hurting something terrible right now. His bar had a pathetic showing on Halloween and this last weekend was the slowest since he took the reins on the place. Top that off with the fact that his hopes for a lucrative consultant job with NMDIC just feel through his hands after the vote tally and you will understand the mental situation he is presently in.

Nothing displays his condition more than this post here:

I was wondering why a guy that hides himself behind an alias would be so obsessed, yes I think that word conveys the correct and specific malady, about a political initiative. There is only one plausible reason I can come up with and that is deceit via cover up. When his true identity is known, it will become plainly and absolutely obvious why you see all the running around in circles, pulling the hair out screaming 'propaganda' at the top of his lungs (okay fingertips) that Pee Pee boy aka Phlegmatic Playdough aka 13 different anonymous posters with the same classless writing style exhibits. You will then see what his true motivations are and what his true affiliations were and are. Thus his burning desire to keep his identity secret at all costs. Thus his obsession with the Saipan Casino Act. So I got down to doing a little cross checking and found, not his true identity yet, but his family tree so it is narrowed down considerably now. I have heard from a respected source that Pee Pee's Mom is a sodomite and does it with goats. Yes, goats. We're not talking merino sheep here we’re talking Billy Goat Gruff, cloven hoofed, smelly, shaggy goats. Not satyrs (as the family historian likes to pretend). The woman actually fornicates with ahem, should I say it again (?) goats, according to this reliable source. Here, go to his own site and check it out RIGHT HERE

I just read his column in the paper today. Rather than writing all that nonsense and the above post he could have simply come out and said "I am sorry. I was stupidly lured into the whole SCA thing for personal gain without regard for the public as a whole."

I did respond to the post from Bateman above only to wake in the morning and discover he has censored me. It is his blog and that is his prerogative. I will however attempt to paraphrase my response here:

Do you know why Plato is much cooler than Bruce? It's because of the goats. Ancient Greeks were all about goats. If it wasn't for goats, there wouldn't have even been any Greek gods. Zeus, the king of the gods, was actually taken care of when he was a baby by the goat Amaltheia when he was hiding from his old man Cronus in Crete. Zeus liked her so much he put her in the stars as Capricorn. He even borrowed one of her horns which became the cornucopia, the horn of plenty. We taught him everything he knew and then he taught the rest of them. This is the main reason why Greek gods are more fun and cooler to hang out with than any others. They're also less self righteous and bloodthirsty. Did you ever see a bloodthirsty or self righteous goat? The Greek god Pan? Part goat, baby! And did you know that the word tragedy comes from the Greek words for "goat song?" Greek drama grew out of the festival of Dionysus, god of wine, who had a thing for goats. His buddies were satyrs which were part...guess what? Goat.Greeks love goat meat. We use goat skin to hold our wine. I can go on and on.

It is a pity that Bruce has been so damaged by this ordeal.

It is when things are at their worst that the true character of a person is revealed.

Henceforth I will post all censored comments from the Pork Site here.

Boycott Porky's!



Tamara said...

I read your blog and then popped over to Bruce's page to see what all the "blogma" was about...I normally steer clear of the "blogtroversy" that goes on sometimes, but in this case, I found his post to be childish, vile, nauseating, disgusting, etc, etc....I could not access the link he refered to at the end, but In this case, I think that's a good thing as I probably don't want to see it..I don't know him and I don't know you, but as a fellow blogger I feel your disgust on this one!

lil_hammerhead said...
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Anonymous said...

Why does Bruce call Pragmatic Plato a "he" when PP could be as good looking as Tamara .>)

bradinthesand said...

hey, now that's where i draw the line. nobody is as good looking as tamara!