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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Headline of the Day & Quote of the Day

HTD: Fitial calls for Benedetto's head

QTD: “I confess to some personal bias here-Representative Kaipat is my niece. She deserved better. Mr. Benedetto deserves not to be reappointed,” Fitial said.

Commentary: Stop picking on my niece!


Tamara said...

Off the topic here, but are you Jerry Kraus??? I just read a comment on Harry Blalock's blog made by Bruce and he mentioned that PP was the owner of his competition...beach type bar, serves food, has a patio to watch the sunset...the only competition I could think of was Oleai Beach..so you must be Jerry???? I will get the Blogger CSI award if I got this one right..teehee!

glend558 said...

Jerry don't even read blogs, Tamara. Once I ask him if he ever read mine, he looked confused..

Tamara said...

darn..guess that means I won't be getting any blog awards..ha ha..

lil_hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bradinthesand said...

...and a breath mint.

*unwarranted cheap shot

Tamara said...

by the way, I sent you an email on the proposed rules and regs for PL 15-108 hope you got it..nothing in there on the medical insurance section yet, thats suppose to come from the Secretary of Public Health..