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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Comment Posted on Mr Turbitt' Blog

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My Comment:

may i get a link to my blog?

i will not post here anymore. i will simply copy your posts over to my blog and comment on your posts there. my blog will truly be an open forum.

i hate to tell you this but no one will defend you when you liken casino gambling to the war in iraq in an attempt to give it your stamp of approval. they will not defend the "should saipan expect anything better" comment either.

you really need to re-read what you have wrote and what i have wrote and step back and take a 3rd person view of it all.

you have some serious issues with debate and discussion.

and once again (since you deleted my comment that stated it), censorship is not relegated to being a tool used only by the government.


Anonymous said...

Ini masalah saya benar-benar dipecahkan, terima kasih!

Anonymous said...

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