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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newspaper Quote of the Day - And I Thought Socrates was Bad

I don't even know where to begin with this one? For the first time in many many years I am at a loss for words.

...Japanese women in the deliciously slutty attire I’ve always appreciated...

- Mr. Turbitt

The quote appeared in today's installment from the educator's column. I must say the title of his blog has never seemed more appropriate than now. Hypocrisy at its finest. You make that statement in the same breath in which you fault MVA for its inability attracting tourist from Japan. I am not even in Japan, not even a woman... but Good Zeus Almighty, I am offended and I would think twice about ever visiting Saipan if I was.

It gets better, he goes on later in his column to state how Guam has erred in allowing Strip Clubs and Karaoke (EkGads.... not a singing joint) to set up shop in the tourist district. Please tell me I am not alone in being completely boggled by his train of thought and basic logical skills. Does he fear that the Strip clubs will compete against the "sluttily dressed Japanese Tourist" that he so adores?

Remember folks this is a publicly printed news column. Do chime in.


bradinthesand said...

i like tourist girls too...

...and i don't think that tourists decide to come to the cnmi because of our columnists.

to call his writing a 'news column' isn't exactly accurate either. 'column' i'd give ya, but it's the 'news' part i'm having a little trouble with.

he's writing pieces in the opinion section of the paper. this is supposed to be for interesting stuff.

i think this fits.

but, my opinion, like his, is not the only one out there. that's why there are several columns.

why not think of writing one? you are obviously passionate about the issues so you would have plenty to write about.

you could even write with a pen name, since it wouldn't be a letter to the editor.

why not pitch it to the same paper? why not pitch it to both.

ah well, what do i know? i don't work for the mva.

PJ said...

In classic "I'll make my point no matter what" fashion, you've only printed part of what Jeff said re: strip clubs. He did say that he had no problem with them personally, just not where people want to go with their families, i.e. children.

What part of that doesn't make sense?

Silly Socrates said...

Silly loves Aphrodites with chocolate and slutty attire, but Silly believes that strip clubs are terrible and has never been to one.

Silly will allow only posts that agree with him and complements his opinion. Silly is da philosopher king.

Silly also loves Mr. Turbitt. Silly cannot even begin to surmount the idea of why he is shunned from society... like a mocking bird on Acropolis.

The Writers said...

whoa! how could i not notice that?! "deliciously slutty attire?" was he running out of adjectives here?

Jeff said...
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