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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Question of the Day?

Is it acceptable to write a column in the news paper for the public to read and then not be able to handle moderate debate on the substance of said column?



bradinthesand said...

i think the public can email him...

Pragmatic Plato said...

so you think a public comment on the issues addressed in a publicly printed peice of work is not acceptable?

bradinthesand said...

i think it totally is. in fact, i think it would be best served as a letter to the editor as well. he doesn't control that medium, so get your point across.

if someone doesn't want to put something on their blog it's their perogative.

why? because it belongs to them.

as far as the paper goes, i don't think that the variety has been selling shares to jeff co. recently.

so to be clear, i don't disagree with you at all. i think you're wasting your time and lowering yourself with an invalid argument (about demanding blog space on a public blog with private settings).

you should be able to voice your disapproval with something that appeared in the paper through the paper.

as far as the blog goes, i guess that's up to him. frustrating, sure. but that's how it goes.

i like your stuff. i like jeff's stuff. i just like stuff. keep writing, please!


Pragmatic Plato said...

I never demanded he post my comments. I have started this blog for that purpose. I simply debated the premise.

bradinthesand said...

it seemed to me like you went a little over the top, but hey, it's your blog...and i like it.