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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Best Headline of the Day

"Atalig stabbed Senate in the back"

So sad it is almost humorous. So let me see if I get this straight.

  1. Reyes dealt with Atalig when drafting legislation to extend but limit the number of non-resident contract workers that CUC can hire. It appears that he dealt with him under the pretext that Atalig's company would do the manpower logistics.
  2. Atalig did not agree with Reyes and the Senate lowering the number of non-res that CUC could hire.
  3. Reyes and Atalig spoke about the issue and they arrived at an understanding that 8 non-res would be allowed under the Senate legislation.
  4. Atalig decided to try his luck with the House and wrote a letter to the House requesting that they amend the Bill when it arrives on the floor.
  5. Reyes found out about Atalig going to the House and cried foul. How dare Atalig approach the House in an attempt to get his way?
  6. Reyes now irate adds a provision into the Senate bill to exclude any manpower agency with pending claims against them (Remember this excludes any company with claims against them. Not convictions). Obviously Reyes does not believe in the innocent until proven guilty philosophy.

So what is it the makes me so upset? The fact that Reyes was so tight with Atalig when drafting up legislation that should have been focused more on the plight of CUC and their needs? The fact that Atalig's company it appears was already given the manpower contract as implied by this statement from Reyes (where is the opening bidding process):

“I talked to him before we went to Rota and also talked to him on Rota informing him that we already consented to authorize not 20 of his employees, as we we're going to limit it to just eight, and he agreed. He wanted nine but I told him 'no.' He said to add one more, but I told him 'no!' The limit is eight and he consent[ed] to it,” said Reyes.

The fact that they would act so petty and with such a direct personal attack (on one company) when drafting up our public laws? The fact that he openly admitted all of this to the Tribune reporters?


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