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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Learn Something New Everyday

It has been brought to my attention that I was not thorough enough on my initial readings of the SCA. I seemed to have overlooked a major caveat.

I have mentioned before that should this Act pass it could only be amended or repealed in the future by the same process that brought it into law (Local Initiative and a 2/3 favored vote within the third senatorial district).

Perhaps I was so steamed byt hte time I got to Article X of the Saipan Casino Act that my vision was blurred and my mind was overheated.


If this Saipan Casino Act becomes law (garnering the necessary 8,300 or so yes votes) it can only be amended by approval of NMD registered voters in the Third Senatorial District.

Article X, Section 8. General – Amendment. Any proposed amendment to the “Saipan Casino Act” shall be approved or disapproved by the NMD registered voters only in the Third Senatorial District through local initiative.

You hear that Bruce? That mean if you vote yes on this and then feel something should be amended you are Shit outta luck. You would not be allowed to vote on it.

Furthermore, at the moment the Election Office does not have a listing of registered NMD voters. This information is not gathered when an individual registers to vote, nor should it be. How on earth would we even be able to verify NMD of 12,500 registered voters? Genealogy studies of each and every individual? Just take their word on it and only check into one that people question? One of your grandparents would have to have been domiciled in the CNMI prior to 1950 and have been a TT citizen. Good luck with the paperwork on that.

I wonder how much it would cost to put that list together. I wonder how much it would cost to defend this clause in courts.

This Act gets better as each day goes by.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for Harry's Show on the various aspects of the provisions contained within the SCA.

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