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Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Are Gambling With My Children's Lives.

I have stumbled across what must be the most hot forum regarding the casino act online. Please Click on this link to it :


I will weigh in with more on the subject in the next posts. I have posted comments on the forum above. I encourage everyone to ask questions and use this forum and mine to create dialogue.

Let the people talk.


Anonymous said...


Could we discuss your concerns offline?



Anonymous said...

Plato, wrote this:


Also one side note: I make no implications or assumptions as to how I believe you will vote in November. Thank you for your input. My goal here is to ask questions and probe all aspects fo the Saipan Casino Act in hopes that the answers I recieve assist others in making an educated decision come November.

"I do not doubt your reasons nor motive. Moreover, I respect your views, and the views of those who disagree with you, on this or any other issue. I only ask that we discuss this in greater detail, if you wish to, off line."

I am truly open minded. I have yet to find justifiable reason why I should vote “yes” to the Saipan Casino Act Initiative.



ps. I am still new to this blogspots so I am navigating my way around when I have time...like Sundays.

lil_hammerhead said...
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Pragmatic Plato said...

Ohhh... the funding of the Commission is only on major snag. You have to take a peek at this provision:

"Article III - Section 8. Public Land. The Department of Public Land (DPL) or any future entity responsible for the administration of public lands in the Commonwealth, upon this Act becoming law and at the request of the NMDIC, shall issue public land to NMDIC. NMDIC shall hold leasehold interest to all public land issue by DPL and pay one dollar ($1.00) per year for the land or lands issue by DPL for as long as NMDIC is in business. The land or lands issue to NMDIC shall not be transferable. Upon dissolution of NMDIC, the land including all improvements shall revert back to DPL or its future named entity without cost. '

Are you kidding me???? This is all it has inthe entire SCA concerning our most valuable resource????? No way? Someone asleep at the wheel... or conspiracy??

I like a good conspiracy so let me roll down that road in my next post.


G'ma said...

Very good solid arguments, Plato. Very professional and informative!Keep it up.