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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh! In that case go ahead. I'll bend over.


How stupid does this sitting Governor think the public is. He is now saying that a compromise can be reached. The point isn't what types of gambling tables are available at the La Fiesta, heck at this point it really isn't even about gambling in general (haven't we been down this road before? Is that Bruce in the rear view mirror?).

This is about the principle of the matter. We are the public. We deserve more than this shit. We all went to the polls in November and decided that for one reason or another did not want to pass the gambling initiative that was put on the ballot. I don't know why the public said "no". Neither does anyone else.

Wake up you sleeping self made giants on the hill! Call a damn public hearing. Talk to the people that you are supposed to be REPRESENTING (hence the title REPRESENTATIVE).

Perhaps the public will embrace this new bill. Perhaps they will even ask for a wider range of gaming tables. Perhaps they will ask to just kill poker in general. Perhaps they will ask to move all the poker and any other gaming device under the sum up to the Fiesta.

The point is you don't f$#!@!@ know. Stop with the shit headed games. Stop treating the public like a bunch of idiots.

We are not as naive as you folks on the hill are.

[Reference is to this article: http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=75103&cat=1 ]

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Recall Fitial Now! This place is unravelling into a mess, and it's going to be impossible to clean it up. Fitial seems hellbent on destroying everything that is good and beautiful on these islands. He's already destroyed the CNMI's reputation. Now he's going to destroy tourism, CUC, small businesses and the rule of law. This petty, sick little man is a despot who needs to be removed from office before he does any more damage. Even the 27% who voted for him two years ago would love to see him go.