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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger

So I have been thinking... yes I know that is pretty unheard of. I have been reading the recent postings on Middle Road, Brad's, Bruce's and Angelo's Blogs and what I have been reading is beyond disturbing. I would have thought that Bruce couldn't stoop any lower than his feeble attempt at assisting in the passage of the SCA but I was wrong. He has recently posted this statement on his blog which is taken out of context and at this point I can care less:

"Maybe if they are lucky, protest march organizers will get a small act of violence to splash on front pages. "

He has also made other comments on other blogs basically down the same line of hoping that a violent event occurs during this peaceful march.

I do hope that he is the recipient of any violence that ever occurs in the CNMI.

Brad has also made some comments and blog posts about the upcoming march and his may have been influenced by Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger [Angelo] and Bruce. He has made some comments about one of the people participating in the march and even posted a poll that pits him against Martin as an indicator of support for the march.

Bruce has also said that the march is a futile attempt that won't generate any results. I wonder how he of all people became an expert on diagnosing futile attempts at anything. Remember this is the same guy that championed the SCA. What a buffoon.

I believe that all of the hate based attacks on Boni are nothing more than an attempt by people to discredit this march. It is not working and from what I have seen is doing more to tarnish their own images rather than Boni's.

Some of the comments that have been written alluded to Boni collecting funds in exchange for greencards. Others have stated that he is unemployed and living off Dekada dues. The most recent one by Bruce states that Boni could not be well off unless he was stealing money in order to purchase a house in the Philippines and eat in the CNMI.

What makes this even more disturbing is that their comments have been challenged and most have been proven unwarranted and misleading. Dekada has not charged a fee to it's members for the past 3 years. No one listed above has spoken to Boni personally and have no idea other than their self made gossip about him.

Saipan's Most Disturbed Blogger, after being given proper information regarding all of this, has recently chosen to post yet another disgusting blog. This time disgracing the March itself.

Feel free to read his blog post dated today. Here is my comment response to him (in case he decides to censor it):

"You are the one that has painted yourself into a corner. You are rambling
on about something that you obviously know little or nothing about.

This is not a march of Filipinos vs Locals. You saying that is what will
plant that disgusting seed in people's minds. You have serious issues. You are
bitter about your current place in the CNMI and you are trying to wreak havoc on
a great movement.

As it stands now there are a multitude of ethnicities included in
this march. You wouldn't know because you have sat in your hovel and created
your own version of reality. There are various Japanese, Korean, Thai,
Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Chamorro, Palauan, Carolinian, etc. groups,
business owners, employees all locking arms in support of this march.

This is not a race based issue and it does take into consideration both
local and non-residents. The main focal point of the march is the recently
enacted Local Labor Law. This law affects everyone (all damn ethnicities). You
should read it before you start spewing your nonsense. The findings in that law alone are enough to make anyone’s stomach turn.

Boycott Porky’s!


PS: If your recent posts are nothing more than an attempt to garner
comments in your little online competition world than I regret that I have added
to your blog."

I do hope that the majority of the public that peruse these blogs is intelligent enough to see through their crap. I will be at the march on Friday and I encourage all of the people in the CNMI to be there with me.

Remember there were times in our country when women had limited rights, people were enslaved due to the color of their skin, people were attacked based on their sexual preference. Things can change.

"You must be the change you
wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Ghandi


bradinthesand said...


i used boni as a symbol of the march in the poll because he started the dekada movement.

the poll was whether the march would attract more people than the concert.

i don't know why you think i'm going for a popularity contest. of course the concert king would win.

my poll was more about whether the affected would clamor for rights over renditions.

i think it's pretty straight forward.

and why would i discredit the march? it hasn't even happened yet. not to mention that i said that i hope that thousands of people turn out and march down the middle of beach road.

oh, and i plan on calling boni tonight to arrange a face to face interview.

i said as much in an email i sent to dekada legal counsel, stephen woodruff yesterday.

he replied that boni would likely entertain my questions.

have faith, old man. if you've managed to live (in some shape or form) for over 2,400 years, i think you can wait a couple of days for the results.

bradinthesand said...

...and by the way, i've had a link to your blog from mine for months now. why not show a little love?

lil_hammerhead said...

Have you read some of Bruce's statements on some of these Blogs? Comments insinuating that Martin Luther King Jr. used people, that he pretended he wanted peaceful marches, but needed violence, etc. Simply disgusting. I'm sure some of our African-American community would love to hear this.

There's a clique of idiot backscratchers here. They espouse stupid shit and then mutually massage each other. I wouldn't toss Brad into that group, but you've got it right when you throw in Brucey, Jeff and Sblogger.

I also know now why PAWS did not respond to my original letter of request for advice or respond to the remarks made by Brucey. I'll post these details on my blog in the weeks to come.

Give 'em hell Plato!

idunno said...

fyi paws has now removed the ability to comment on their page.

lil_hammerhead said...


Roger said...


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