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Thursday, December 6, 2007

March Info From Tina Sablan

What: Unity March
When: Friday, December 7 -- assembly starts at 4:30pm
Where: Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park
Why: To protest PL 15-108, the new local labor law; to express support for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI; and to call on U.S. Congress to retain the provision that would grant improved status to long-term alien residents in the bill to federalize immigration
Who: All members of the community are invited to join this march

All members of the community, of all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and occupations, are called to join in the historic and peaceful Unity March on Friday, December 7, beginning with an assembly at 4:30pm at Kilili Beach, and ending at American Memorial Park. Unity March demonstrators will call for just and rational local labor laws, for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI, and for improved immigration status for long-term alien residents.

Traffic Advisory
Motorists are advised to exercise caution when driving on Beach Road between Kilili Beach and American Memorial Park from 4:30pm and 9pm, as there are expected to be hundreds of demonstrators, including children, walking along the street and pathway up to Quartermaster Road. Before 7pm, the Department of Public Safety will be closing the northbound lane of Beach Road just after Quartermaster Road, and Unity Marchers will move into the streets up to American Memorial Park.

Transportation will be provided to and from the march for those who need it. Pick-ups will be at San Antonio basketball court and Garapan basketball court, beginning at 4pm.

People who are unable to march the entire length of the street from Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park are encouraged to ride in the Unity March convoy, or to simply head straight to the American Memorial Park to meet with other demonstrators and participate in the closing ceremony.

Local Musicians to Perform
Local musicians Steve Sablan and Floyd Lim from the Big Beats have volunteered to perform throughout the march to keep up the spirits of the demonstrators. Other musicians have also been invited to perform.

In the Evening, Rain or Shine
All participants are asked to bring water and flashlights. Umbrellas are also advised. The Unity March will take place rain or shine.

Placards and Banners
Placards and banners have been prepared for the march. Participants are also invited to bring their own placards and banners indicating the message(s) they wish to convey, the organizations they are representing, etc. Organizers only ask that all signs promote the spirit of unity and peaceful expression.

Expected Participants
Bangladeshi Community,
Bicol Association,
Business owners,
Chinese Community,
Federal and local government officials,
Foreign national workers,
Human Dignity Movement,
Japanese Community,
Korean Association,
Local attorneys,
Micronesians and other Pacific Islanders,
Off-island supporters,
Permanent residents,
Social workers and advocates,
Thai Association,
United Filipino Organization,
U.S. citizens,
Various professional associations,
Various religious groups, and
Many other individuals and organizations of diverse backgrounds, all unified by a desire to improve the immigration and labor system for the fair protection and long-term benefit of all workers and businesses in the CNMI.

To Contribute
Businesses or individuals interested in making in-kind donations of water, trash bags, banners, placards, paint supplies, and other materials may contact Ed Propst at 483-7361.

To Volunteer
Individuals interested in volunteering to assist at the aid stations, to pass out water, ribbons, etc., or to assist with ensuring traffic safety, particularly trained individuals such as security guards, JROTC/ROTC officers, and the Boy Scouts may contact Conrad Ocampo at 286-8625. The Red Cross will be providing logistical support for aid stations.

Individuals interested in volunteering to drive participants to and from the Unity March may contact Wendell at 483-9494.

For More Information
Please contact Ed Propst at 483-7361; Tina Sablan at 483-3935; Boni Sagana at 484-0507; or Stephen Woodruff at 235-3872.


Thanks very much!

Tina Sablan


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