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Friday, December 7, 2007

Some Positive News.

Yes it has been one of those weeks.

I read in the papers today about the comments to our Governor from Sen. Bingaman. For the past few months I have been resigning myself to the fact that the Senate Bill may not have any more forward moment and that it all may have all switched over to the US House Bill (with the provision removed and added Visa Exemptions for Guam foreign workers and tourist).

The Senate Bill is intact and judging from the letter to our Gov. Fitial from Sen. Bingaman it appears it is still alive and kicking. It appears that our Governor sent a letter over to the Senate and House once again slamming them and shooting off his mouth with accusation about how the Feds don't know what is going on in the CNMI and that they need to wait for the GAO reports before acting on this legislation.

Well this letter form Fitial stirred the pot. Thankfully.

The actual Bingaman - Fitial Letter (it is a great read. click here). Until then here is one of my favorite quotes:

"Your second concern that action on the bill should be deferred until after GAO completes its ongoing report on the CNMI, reflects a misunderstanding of the reasons the report was requested. GAO's assistance was sought to provide Federal agencies with the information needed to implement S. 1634, not to assist the Committee in determining whether to act on the bill."

Damn. :-)

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