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Friday, December 7, 2007



So it begins.


Brad: More people showed up to the March than Martin garnered at the concert.


Bruce: No violence.

Everyone else in the CNMI: Thank you!


I will write later about the many things that occurred today.

Thank you to the many that donned the Boycott Porky's T's. I opted not to wear one today but loved those that did.


me said...

Great crowd and congratulations are in order to all the organizers and those who marched.

It's about time that all people, including nonresident workers, have a real voice in our communities.

Our legislature should now see the need to change the bad parts of the labor law. If not, a march on Covenant Day should be in order and they can expect an even larger crowd.

lil_hammerhead said...

Angelo: 3000 attended. Go figure?
more like 15000

glend558 said...

The croud figure will never be resolved as it was a 'revolving' croud. Many participated at different times, some came and went at different places, so the count is moot.

bradinthesand said...

just to try and get a handle on the true number of people who attended, i went to an objective source.

last night i spoke with the editor of the tribune (a friend of mine and longtime guest worker from the rp).

he both participated in the march and stuck around for the festivities at the amp.

when i asked him for the straight scoop on the number of attendees he told me that "of course if you are an organizer you will say there were 6,000 people or something but there were more like 2-3,000 people there."

he told me that the crowd at the amp was constantly in flux as many were coming or going throughout the evening and that at any one time the crowd totaled 3,000.

he said that the total amount of people who came and went throughout the night was probably closer to the 6,000 figure at best.

the way i see it, the size of the crowd really doesn't matter because it was a victory for the freedom of expression under the first amendment.

Pragmatic Plato said...

I would say around 6000 people.

Boycott Porky's!


biba si tina! said...

i'm moved...

...to buy a t-shirt!


biba si tina!

me said...

I am moved enough to ask if "g" won't mind that I plan to carry Tina's photo in my wallet...for inspiration whenever I had to choose between right and wrong.

G said...


as you all can tell she is a very independent young woman you can do whatever you please and approach her directly if you would like a thumbs up to carrying her photo with you.

i too carry a photo to remind me of how true to one's self i would love to be.

i have made errors in the past and continue to do so.

i have never met a person so true to their heart, so open minded and with so much conviction.

i am proud to be her friend. i am also proud to have had an opportunity to meet the many people that showed up on friday.

it is very hard to do what is right when you are confronted continuously with animosity. i will continue to try not to be swayed by the crap that has become the status quo. i will continue to try and allay my fears when confronted with a choice of doing what is right versus doing what is easy and non-controversial.

there have been many naysayers that have recently been questioning her loyalty to the people of the cnmi. they have even gone so far as to call her anti-local. i know she will never directly raise a defense to any of these slanderous remarks and i really don’t think she would appreciate me doing the same. to all that may holds these same sentiments, give her a call 483-3935. talk to her. let her know what concerns you may have. visit her websites: www.tinasablan.com/forum and www.thecnmi.com . read up on what she stands for (trust me when i say there is much that she is attempting to tackle. she is only one person so she can not do it all simultaneously but she is juggling as many tasks as she can and progressing as quickly as possible with all the various issues she promised to cover in her platform).

i love tina sablan. she has become my role model.

glen hunter

bradinthesand said...

i love her, too. i'm just waiting for the right moment to ask her to the prom!

lil_hammerhead said...

Brad, you are a little over a decade beyond asking anyone out to the prom without the likely outcome being incarceration.


bradinthesand said...

okay, then what about the pineapple ball?

lil_hammerhead said...

:) To be honest, I've no idea what the "pineapple ball" is.. but it certainly sounds painful.

me said...

Hey, g, those are exactly the reasons why I would want her photo in my wallet together with the photos of my family.

I do not question any of Tina's character. I actually want to be like her when I grow up (although I am much older than her).

You are one lucky man, g.

at least once in june of 2006 said...

maybe he shouldn't cheat on her then...

There was also that time with that Filipina girl said...

Guam has a different area code. That's not cheating.

Anonymous said...

i'm talking about the one in san jose...