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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bloggerland's Plato says Mr. Villagomez Needs to Reinvent Himself.

Perhaps Angelo should practice what he preaches and take some tips from this Variety Article in which he is quoted.

Take an objective look at what you have done/said over the past year and reevaluate what you can change to make yourself more desirable.

I can't post on Mr. Villagomez's blog due to my signature so I will respond to a comment he posted here:

"The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'm been reading up on some of the things the Unity marchers have been doing since Friday:

  • They are accusing Cinta Kaipat of sponsoring the Labor Bill so that she could get a job at Labor and take under the table bribes.
  • They are attacking KSPN for not providing enough coverage.
  • They are attacking Walt Goodridge and Christine Parke for not speaking publicly about the March (what do they have to do with the March?)
  • They attacked anyone who estimated that that under 10,000 people participated, including the middle road bloggers and me.
    The most telling thing from all this is something I read on Dengre's latest diary on Dailykos.
    Here is the link, scroll to the bottom:
    Here is the quote:
    “We rode the stories of these workers to victory in 2006”
    That tells me that this is about electing Mainland Democrats to office, not actually helping the situation.
    That is really sad. I really supported Dengre when I first started reading his stuff, but it has become apparent that his agenda is getting rid of Republicans (not necessarily a bad thing), not helping the people of the Marianas."

Mr. Villagomez,

No one is accusing your friend Cinta of anything. Many are trying their best to guess what reasons she may have had to push with all her might against so much opposition to get this labor law passed.

No one is attacking KSPN news. We are simply stating an obvious. They covered the march on Friday and said to tune in on Monday for more coverage. This didn't happen and no mention was given to any delays. Why does it upset you? If you were told to tune in to a show for coverage of an event and you did and nothing was covered wouldn't you also be peeved or at least curious as to why it wasn't covered? Watch the online version of Friday's news since you obviously didn't.

I did not "attack" Chris or Walt. I made a comment about how strange it would be to have a seminar for Guest Workers (that was what he wrote) that covers "Answering Tricky Interview Questions" when technically in 2 weeks they wont be able to apply for a job in the CNMI at all due to the no-transfers provision in our new Labor Law.

The amount of people at the march has been a topic of discussion since the march and it has been debated on the blogs and in person. If you feel attacked because your estimate is different than mine or his does it matter?

As far as the March's intent to be getting Mainland Republican's into office...
Pass the joint my way. Are you that upset that you were not a part of the march that you will now do everything in your power to try and denigrate it? If Republican’s get elected into office in the Mainland because of the March in the CNMI, I assure you it will be a by-product of the march not the intent.

As far as Dengre is concerned… What the hell does he have to do with the Unity March held on Friday?

It truly is time for you Angelo Villagomez to Reinvent yourself.


stickshaker said...

what happened to "we supported it" ?

he is an empty can.

lil_hammerhead said...
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Envelop Ideas said...

How about recycling?

James said...

Hey, everyone! Please lighten up! Angelo is a good guy. Disagree with what he says or writes if you wish, but I'm not aware of anything that he's done or said that justifies this level of sustained vitriol. Give him (and us) a break.

Pragmatic Plato said...

I think it can safely be argued that it is he, "Saipan Blogger" that is sustaining this.

Thus my, "It is time he reinvents himself" post.

Look at that crap I have copied over from his blog.

Fault me for calling it like I see it if you will but not for sustaining it.

Boycott Porky's!


onefineday said...

I think James needs to "get up to speed".

me said...

Quiet in here...Merry Christmas Plato.

KAP said...


bradinthesand said...

so what ever happened to plato, anyway?

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

The Saipan Blogger is all about the Saipan Blogger "Look at me -I'm Angelo!" He is a child. Check out how many blogs on his site say, "I was the first..." Who would proclaim such garbage except an attention-seeking child? He freely lies and attacks anyone who doesn't kneel at his feet, or support his narrow-minded ideas. It's best to ignore people like Angelo. Boycott Porky's AND the SAIPAN BLOGGER SITE!

Anonymous said...

Other than what I have read, I really don't know the Saipan Blogger. Based on my limited knowledge it is apparent that he has a large ego problem that is getting in his way. His grandiose opinion about himself is tiring. I really hope someday soon he will grow-up and learn some humility. It will be necessary in order for him to survive on this island.

me said...


lil_hammerhead said...
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bradinthesand said...

just a thought:

blogs about one's life are going to come off very "me, me, me" by design...

and whatever happened to plato, anyway?

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Anonymous said...

angelo is a narcissitic child, and a prostitute for enviro-extremists

Anonymous said...

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