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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Lost.

From Walt Goodrige’s Column:

“EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ll be giving a workshop to one fragment of the population-Filipino contract workers (however, all are invited)-on Sunday, Dec. 16, 1pm at the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe. The seminar will have four speakers who will discuss different topics: "How to win friends and be a likeable person" by Anthony Pellegrino, "How to overcome fear of public speaking” by Bob Coldeen, "How to answer tricky job interview questions" by Christine Parke and "How to manage your time and be productive" by Walt Goodridge. DJ Dr. Love will act as moderator of the four-hour learning session. $5. E-mail pinoyseminar_saipan@yahoo.com to register or contact any CNMI-Power member.”

Am I the only one that is totally thrown a back by this?

Do he and Christine know something I don’t know? Why would you hold a seminar for a segment of the population that won’t even be allowed to answer a single interview question after January 1st?

Neither of them have said a peep publicly about the march.

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bradinthesand said...


actually, the seminar was organized by rico from the gig as part of his ongoing effort to help guest workers develop their interpersonal skills for professional advancement.

i think walt and the rest were invited by rico to shae their experiences. that and rico wasn't looking to make money on it.

when he explained the seminar series to me, his intention was to help guest workers reach the next rung on the professional ladder.

i thought that rico's aims of helping guest workers were sincere. too bad he's leaving island for good this month for "greener pastures" in the middle east.